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Forum Information!

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Xyphien, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. Congratulations to @Akod and @LordBones for being extraordinary in helping the community, and being nice, and an amazing part of the community. As such, we have rewarded you with the Sir. Badge! Keep up the great work!

    To everyone else, we notice everything you all do, and the more active, helpful, etc. you are, the higher chance of getting amazing badges such as the Sir. badge you will have :)
  2. Resource Packages will go on hold until further notice. We're currently understaffed, and with me being away for the month we won't have much guidance with everything, as well as getting everything out to the public. However, I'll be highly encouraging the staff members to make some extra content to post in the resource sections :D
  3. Congratulations to the following users who have had their resource featured this month! They have also received the "Featured Resource" badge!

    @Cyanide | Resource being featured: HERE | Resource page: HERE

    @Soul | Resource being featured: HERE | Resource page: HERE

    @Companion Wulf | Resource being featured: HERE | Resource page: HERE

    Another update:

    We've added new rules to the resource rules, as well as added a link to ALL pages when you go to add a new resource. With this being said, we will also be in the process of enforcing the resource rules a lot more to ensure both users, and uploaders get the resource/downloads they need!
  4. Hello RMMVers! We have some amazing new stuff to announce!

    @Dad3353 is now a Global Moderator and @Companion Wulf will soon be our first ever Moderator (Non-Global)

    Originally we were going to what we've always done and go with an election based voting style. However, the three candidates we chose from, only one had the time to fully invest in being a global moderator. So, we decided to go into making him the global moderator and deciding things as we go. I'm terribly sorry we weren't able to go with the regular elections, however this way we have two new mods 2 weeks faster than if we did it how we normally would've done it.

    Onto some more amazing news!

    Resource Battles
    has been added to the Fun House section of the forum! Much like the Game Battles forum, you can now challenge people to make a resource in x amount of time, and once that date hits the community will vote on which one is better! The user with the highest downloads, and ratings at the end will be crowned the winner and move either up or down in the rankings!

    We've started to make top 10's on the blog, and will be doing much more here soon as well! Check out the first top ten here: https://rpgmakermv.co/xfa-blog-entry/top-10-must-have-plugins-for-rpg-maker-mv.96/
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  5. As requested by a few members such as @Amysaurus we've added the option to purchase an Ad-Free premium membership. https://rpgmakermv.co/premium/ For just $10 a month you can support the site, as well as remove ALL advertisements from the website.
  6. 2 new badges have been added to the forums!

    gold badge.png This badge is hand picked and awarded to those who have helped the forum immensely in some way shape or form.

    saint badge.png For donating over $100 to the forums!
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