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Fun (1 day game) challenges!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by TheUnproPro, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. So, I've started this fun thing with my viewers, it's called 1 day games, the challenge is to make a complete game within a single day... short games, of course! The viewers actually come up with 3 parts of the story, beginning, middle, and end. I'll select 3 random viewers and mix the stories together, what everyone comes with is hilarious!!

    If you'd like to be a part, reply with 3 random things that could happen within a game! Beginning, Middle, and End. Have fun, everyone! <3

    Here's the result of such randomness... eventhough only 7 minutes long, still took me all day long haha

    Edit: I'd really like getting the forums involved in this project as well, I love seeing the crazy random things people come up with :P
  2. This sounds awesome ouo is this random enough ?lol
    -the protagonist gets beaten by a chicken after losing his (icecream)
    -he decides to seek for revenge but falls down a pit and needs hours to get out again
    -his/her mama doesn't cook for him/her anymore and the protagonist begins to cry
    I really have no hobbies (cool)
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  3. Ahahaha that made me laugh! Yes, that'll do just fine xD
  4. Oh geez I have so many things by you I have to watch xD (Arcanua the Red Mage). Hmmm how's this?

    Beginning: Protag wakes up turned into a dog, and the rest of the world is turned into animals as well
    Middle: While in school someone (antag) is still human and tries to take over the world with the school as a base of operations
    End: The "humans" lose their humanity and forget about being human

    Yeah I have no idea was the first thing that popped into my head.(perplexed)
  5. xD What animal would you be? D: I'd be a doge or mankeh
  6. If I could I'd be a snake myself, since they're my fav animals, though I think the closest MV gets is a lamia; which also works xD
  7. xD

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