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Game Creating...

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by ChiAkuma, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    i don't think anyone could join me, but anyway i ask for it... ^^

    (If you could be over 16, this will be a good thing. But joung people can do it, too)

    I want to make a Game and i could need Map-Designer, Tileset-Creators, programmers or even Idea-giver xD

    I'm german and if you are too this will be good. But all english speaking people can help me, too. ^^

    My game tells a story about a person.
    The person is a girl and have lost her memories.
    She like to find her memories and switch between dimensions and time.
    She is teleporting to a dimension-switching-room which will be come out as her own dimension.
    Later in the story she realizes that she is the "Defender of dimensions".

    Every Dimension can be created another way. One is in the middle-ages, one is in the future, and one is just alien-inspired or something else...

    If you like this gound-idea and want to make this game with me, i will appreciate it very much ^^
    Please pm me or send me an E-Mail to chiakuma13@gmail.com, thanks!

    With best regards


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