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Game Development Crew - Let's Join Up!

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by MoJo, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Hello, I am looking for members who are interested in developing an RPG Maker MV game. The concept (as is) leans heavily on RPG Maker resources.

    The world runs with dynamic timing, it is seasonally based. Every 13 months, a tournament is held, and the main goal is to compete and win in the tournament.

    The player establishes a guild, recruits characters, chooses their classes, and determines which guildmates enter in the annual tournament (if participating at all in a given year).

    The goal is to have dozens of various classes with various skills, and the player will require a diverse skill set to overcome challenges in and up to the tournament.

    Characters are able to summon a monster, spirit, or elemental to help them in battle, which acts as a stand alone actor. The summons work, but much of the script is still in development.

    Traveling around the world to visit and compete with other guilds will increase your skill and income. Towns have dynamic stats, so trade routes or supply/demand mechanics are an option.

    Defending your guild from various challenges will be an additional challenge. The player will decide who stays at home.

    Characters are knocked out, and permanent death is not really available. Recruits may be able to leave the party after certain conditions are met.

    If you think you would be helpful to creating a style like this, let's get together. I have been doing mostly scripting and organizing the game to allow a large range of skills. The project uses and extensive amount of Yanfly's amazing plug-ins.

    Let me know if this is something you would like to do!
  2. How many games have you published, and what are your strengths?

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