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Game in development. Lost memory's recruitment

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by LordJhonSnow, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. #1 LordJhonSnow, Dec 5, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
    Synopsis & Goals
    The game is a story driven adventure rpg based on exploring the Kingdom Of Vorehan. The main feature of the game that will set it apart is to be still decided. Still in the very early stages but will most likely have an abs system) My intent is "semi- permanent team (i work on this my free time but would like to have people help me move it along see bottom for more details)

    Plot and Characters

    In the year 2224 rouge scientist are trying to find the book of the infinity bloodline to bring the gods back to the world because the underworld enemies have returned and they believe the god of the underworld can help .They have traced a hand full of people that lineage date back to the time when they roamed the wold. They have taken kids from the families and perform Secret tests on them, As they perform they test they wipe there memories and put then in a virtual dream world( were the game takes place) were they think they live. the game Depend on your actions changes the outcome of events and the ending of the game.

    Edit: note book is lost so it will be simple 12/13

    Main character/name
    Class /Either Knight or you choice at beginning of game
    Age 18
    Race Human

    class archer
    age 20
    Race human

    Class mage
    age 2,019 years looks 60
    Race elf

    class archaeologist
    age 25
    Race Star
    Stars resemble glittering people all with long hair like burning silver

    Had 2 more people for the party but there names and other stuff are in my lost book will update if i remember or find book 12/13

    Positions Available and Currently Filled
    *A Sprite Creator
    *A Music Creator
    *A Furniture and Tile set Creator( for buildings trees ect)
    *Someone Experienced In RPG MAKER MV and JavaScript in the program.
    *An Artist
    *Script Writer
    *Voice Actors (possible tbd)
    *Story writer and just general writer
    *Map creator-me
    *Map creator with parallax mapping

    unique skill tree
    Abs battle system or other system
    Random events in the world
    Treasurers hunter (example finding treasurer, notes on back story for gods and scientists lore)
    Monster hunting/pets
    Smiting forge
    potion making
    unique HUD
    Memory keys

    More to come rest are in notebook at home. Edit Notebook is lost looking for it right now 12/13

    This game will be free but hope in the future that the next game will be amazing for stream green light. and for sale :P
    Name game to be changed TBA

    Update 12/13 lost my notebook with my rpg notes

    Discord preferred

    contact me here or at fallingstarinteractive@hotmail.com

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