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Discussion in 'Projects Under Development' started by David FoxFire, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. After about a year away from the program to pursue other things, I find myself returning to RPG Maker MV. What I want to do with it is to make Playable Trailers of my D&D campaign setting, Æthercoil. Æthercoil is, at its core, a classic Old School Renaissance type world built on top of the ruins of the modern world. It was after the fall of a dystopic government that almost succeeded in erasing all of History from human memory, to the point that humanity regressed to the Dark Ages--and threatened to go back to cavemen standards if it weren't for rifts between this world and a Feywild-type realm appearing, sending in Fey beings that pulled humanity back from the brink. However, human inventions from "The Lost Age" still exists, but hidden in various dungeons, towers, ruins, and what not. It is up to the adventurers to find these relics and reincorporate them into their world.

    My first RPG game doesn't do much in normal RPG games: It sets you up with a quartet of actors already at a high level and plenty of skills present. They then go through a tricky dungeon with more puzzles than combat to pass a trial. It's simple enough for me to learn how to build an RPG Maker game without delving too much into database work.

    Later on, as I get used to the program, I'll make a more proper game with leveling up, upgrading items, random combat, and what not. Maybe even work on other non-related projects. But this small project will be good to work with for now and get me into the RPG Maker community proper.

    Wish me luck on this. :)
  2. Good Luck (blush)
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  4. I didn't know that was the proper forum. I just wanted to say hello after being away for some time. Appreciate the move.
  5. Sounds like a good way to get back into the program.(thumbsup)
    I like the rediscovery of modern inventions idea.
  6. A lot of people like that concept, as well as the next step, incorporating it into an OSR (Old School Renaissance) setting, which will involve other rediscovered, or reinvented ideas, jury-rigged innovation, and all other sorts of cool stuff. It's intended to be a Tabletop Campaign setting but, having some RPG Maker projects on the subject as well as fiction novels and what not would make a great cross-media strategy, right?
  7. A single dungeon, with plenty of traps and dungeons, for a party of a high level and plenty of skills needed to deal with it. All that's needed is for the player to use the skills they're given the right way.
  8. So its a strategic game then ... i had same idea exept It would have involved a timer counting down with hidden enemies that would pop out of nowhere kind of like a sega game i played once

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