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Group Plugin!

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Xyphien, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. #1 Xyphien, Aug 31, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
    Hello everyone! I'm going to be holding a contest for ALL DEVELOPERS! With over $100 cash prizes being given out to those who participate. If you're interested, there's no requirements other than you sharing the pictures of what you have finished thus far as well as PMing me the final result. Once I receive the final result I will send you over a cash amount through PayPal. If you have no paypal then I can get you a resource on this website of equivalent to the amount I would have sent.

    Pokemon style system.

    With MV being out for so long, it's surprising that there isn't much on combat systems, plugins, etc. that turns RMMV into a pokemon style game. This being said, do not include Pokemon in the name of any of your projects as we're making a system like it, but not it. This way people can make their own monster capturing games like Pokemon without risking any copyrights.

    You can make anything from a full on battle system to smaller things such as a feature that allows you to capture a creature in your game and add it to your party.

    Once you have completed your plugin, PM me @Xyphien and I will reply to you shortly.

    All of these will be placed in a pack and put up on RMMV's resource package. Please keep that in mind when submitting anything.
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  2. I am a bit confused, it says it is for all developers, but we are supposed to make a plugin, right? I could imagine a way to event some stuff around it, but I suck at programming XD Is it only limited to plugins?
  3. Yeah this looks like a programmer's only deal. $100 isn't much, so professional devs should consider this light fun and an excuse to develop something simple - rather than take it seriously.

    Does it have to be Pokemon battle system or monster capturing related? There's other, more interesting aspects to Pokemon games that could be interesting to see built. I have something in mind but it's not exactly battle system related nor monster capturing related 100% (but it touches on both these things).

    I also see other Pokemon systems that other Plugin devs who aren't as experienced or have an area of expertise could work on.
  4. I assume he means any mechanic that resembles Pokemon.

    I have been working on something similar to IVs for equipment. But I don't know if that's enough.
  5. Yeah, it's a plugin related event.

    Anything pokemon related is fine :D I just could only think of capturing, and the battle system as two things that came to mind.

    It's $100 worth of prizes, so though you might not get the full $100 the plugin will still be fine to enter :D

    Just keep in mind that all plugins will be put into a pack and released on RMMV's resource.
  6. Ermm.. can you make it more detail about how the prize work? It will be a little awkward to think that i will get $100 but then turn out my plugins only worth $20 =p
  7. At the end I will go through and give people money based on their program, and split up between however much I have at the time. It will be a minimum of $100. For example, let's say you make a plugin that adds a better walking through grass mechanic (Just thinking of something random) however, Joe over here made a fully customized plugin that allows you to do just about everything you can in pokemon. and then Beth came out with a capture plugin. Joe would probably get $70 Beth $20 and you $10. It'll all be split up at the end. Minimum of $100 total giveaway, however if I have more then I'd give out more to the cause.

    With this, I'd like at least 5 entries in order to end the contest, so the date on end will be determined once we receive that many entries. I hope this answers your question. Sorry for any misguided information I may have given you prior.
  8. i have no idea how to make plugins..... I really was looking foreward to enter. :/
  9. You were looking forward to entering a contest called "Group Plugin" - and were surprised to find it involves writing Plugins?

    Without the sass: Yeah I imagine this will reduce the amount of people who can enter, but so many contests out there are related to resource creation, like characters, maps, tilesets, enemies, music, windowskins, and more - all those competitions have left out people who have their strongest talent in programming.

    I think it's well over-due that the community starts focusing on programming or Plugin creation, it's a factor of MV that's in high demand but has very little appreciation or celebration.

    EDIT: Actually maybe this is a good time for you to see if you can learn JavaScript and build a Plugin, there's a few simple systems in the Pokemon games that could be done with a simple Plugin. Time of day is an easy one: get the time in Javascript, if it's between a certain time then tint the screen.


    Rant time:

    This kind of contest is good for encouraging those who are learning JavaScript or Plugin writing to go ahead and try creating something "complete", I have so many Plugin ideas that are left alone because I don't have the time or drive to build them, but the task of "build something Pokemon themed" actually brought me back to this forum and got me writing a Plugin, finally there's a bit of recognition for the skill of Plugin development within the MV community, and rpgmakermv.co seems to be the first community to step forward with that recognition, even if it is in a very small way, I appreciate it.
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  10. you can always try! there are some great tutorials out there for getting started with plugins -- it's fun and you'll learn a lot along the way :)
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