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Discussion in 'Projects Under Development' started by Ben Benson, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Please give us more information. This post tells us nothing about the project under development. Even on the Kongregate website, there is no explanation of what the game is about. This post may be deleted if requests are not complied.
  2. There is, hit the game tab and it shows the game info, it is still pretty basic, I haven't done too much with the story. Mostly been world building and putting together a couple quests that work. The info has been there for a while.

  3. Hey! I played through your game so far. I think some of the maps could be cleaned up a bit, but everything seems to flow pretty well so far.

    A few notes:
    • The lantern in the starting room turned into a candleholder when I interacted with it
    • The fire in the fireplace moved on top of the fireplace when I interacted with it
    • The woman in the main room of the house is walking(?) on her stool
    • The sewers were a bit difficult to navigate - I wasn't sure what was an exit or just the floor ending
    • I'm sure you just haven't gotten to them yet, but the two houses at the top of the town can't be entered

    I think that's everything (cheeky)
  4. I have had some weird issues with the animated fire and lantern for some reason.

    Got all npc's set to stepping, but will be fixing this later for the ones that are definitely sitting down and such.

    the sewers are definitely still a work in progress, I am gonna be adding more npc characters and exits and such, maybe a few treasure chests. I am working on 3 stalls for the bazaar spot at the moment so it will get more filled in later.

    The houses without doors haven't been worked on yet, I am working on this as well.

    The next update should be in a few days with the fixes.

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