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Hello All!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions and Goodbyes' started by Applepoisoneer, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Charmed to meet you, I'm sure. Espcially since you bothered to click on my introduction page. Currently, I'm not much of a content creator. I am still figuring out how everything works and banging my head against my desk when tilesets wind up in the wrong places. I hope to be able to contribute something more than complaints someday.

    As far as current games go, right now I'm working on a free to play Batman themed dating sim that will (hopefully) have tome puzzle elements and a few little quizes to keep it from being a straight up visual novel. Of course, this won't net me any actual profit, but I wasn't expecting my first game to do so.

    The one I planned on working with after that might though. It involves either Magical Girls or Poodles, depending on who's going to be involved. It's a long story that will happen a long time from now. So let's just focus on the Batman dating sim for the time being.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for their help and support...I'm gonna need it.

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