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Hello, just another hopeful creator!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions and Goodbyes' started by TheBeard, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Nice to meet everyone,

    I am just another guy trying to create a epic tale and doing everything he possibly can to realize that dream except actually messing around in RPG Maker because he is intimidated by just how much he needs to do! Your Procrastination level is now 5000!

    But I am starting to run out of ways to procrastinate since I have pretty much designed my entire game on paper, watched/gathered tutorials I might need, downloaded a billion plugins, and even decided how I am going to tie into the sequel which I have written half the story for! So I am finally going to take the plunge and I hope for some much needed guidance when I can't figure things out myself. I can't be much help as of now since I am only really good at procrastinating, but I hope to help in the future if/when I ever acquire more experience!
  2. Welcome & fear not. This is a very helpful community, if you get stuck, plenty of people will be there for you. Also, I believe this is your song:
  3. How did you know my theme song?! I am actually a card holder for the Fantastic Beard Society or FBS for short, where beards grow human.

    I got about 300 tutorials saved on You Tube, but I am sure I will still manage to have no idea what I am doing so thanks in advance haha.

  4. No problem. When it comes to plugins, Yanfly has a whole library of awesomeness. If you haven't yet, Starbird is worth looking up also, the tileset package is incredibly expansive. Whtdragon has a page with great character sets (from animals to icon sets). The MOST helpful advise I can bestow upon you (I had to scrap months of work because this occurred to me far too late) is this:
    1) Make a text document titled "Credits" and anytime you are going to get something for your game, copy the terms from the page and paste them into the doc. I find this format easiest for me:

    Credits: Whtdragon & Kadakowa, Cage edits by Dalton Sayre
    Statement of Rights: Whtdragon's page:
    As these are (mostly) edits of MV's sprites, you will need a legal copy of RPG maker MV, otherwise~~
    Credit is appreciated, but not required.
    They are free to use for commercial or non commercial.
    You are free to edit, change, recolor, re-edit,
    remix, maim, mangle, add on, divide, and conquer to
    your heart's content. I don't even mind if you
    re-upload them elsewhere as it would only mean
    more people get access to them and that is A-OK in my books"


    2) Never trim your beard if you're not sober.
  5. Yeah I have all of Yanfly's plugins and a bunch of other plugins that I probably should of looked more into who I should credit "Eep" or if I can even use them commercially if I plan to sell the game. Do you know if Mog's plugins can be used commercially? I am guessing as long as you don't use his art it should be ok?

    I plan on doing my own art and Tilesets after I make a mock version of the game with the base MV stuff just to see if everything works out. But after I have a mental break down because my art sucks, I will be sure to look up that stuff so I wrote it down haha. So thanks for the info!
  6. **Moghunter/Atelier-Rgss**
    Statement of Rights: Moghunter's page:

    1 – You’re free to use all Atelier-Rgss scripts in commercial or non-commercial projects.
    2 – You’re free to edit and adapt my scripts.
    3 – Some demonstrations contains copyright materials (Anime stuff), they are used for demonstration purposes only."


  7. Ahhh thanks! I'm going to go through all my other plugins and find out all the terms to do what you said so a year or so later I am not confused haha.
  8. Making your own sets is fun & taxing. I've been experimenting with a few different styles, some are better than others. I sent a request in for a tileset 4 pack, one for each season. It would simplify the season change for game makers. The use of the "Change Tileset..." button on the third page of event commands would allow you to make a map one time & seamlessly transition the seasons.
  9. Yeah that would be super helpful especially combined with a mogs weather plugin could make some beautiful scenes! The main reason I got to design everything myself is I am doing an Alien world with Alien characters so to truly realize my vision I am going to have to make my own everything. One thing that might help is I hope Kanax might have all her Spriter plugin stuff done by the time I need to do art, that will at least make animating a bit easier!
  10. I don't know if it's anything you would be looking for, but I've got some robots and automated turrets posted, as well as a few military assets. If you check them out, let me know what you think.
  11. Those are really cool! I really like the Wheelie robot! It looks like we have pretty similar tastes and are trying to break away from just the normal medieval fantasy setting somewhat. I am going to try and break away from the RPG maker format completely, but if I fail or give up you stuff is right up my alley. I could for sure see myself using your work especially the robots as they play a huge role in my story as well!
  12. Awesome! Can't wait to play it!

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