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Discussion in 'Member Introductions and Goodbyes' started by DragonX7, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. I am new here. While on other RM sites, I'm finding this one to be more responsive based on the number of views and replies to each post. For that, it looks great. I am currently designing an RPG game that I feel, while I'm sure others say this, is a bit different. I'm using a lot of plugins for this game and thankfully all are playing well together, but am looking for about 1 or 2 more that I haven't found that I would like to add to my game to add a different degree.. I don't have any js knowledge, I can somewhat understand it, but have no idea how to write it. I'm a designer and writer, not a programmer.

    I live in the US and currently work as an analyst so my time designing is somewhat limited. But I do take every opportunity to work on it and hope to have a demo within about 3 months. Anyway, I look forward to being part of the various discussions here and with hope, get some help as needed along with providing help if possible.

    Thanks for accepting me.

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