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[Help Wanted] In need of art!

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by TheZealot, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. I've been working on a game for quite some time now. I'm the only person on my development team, and my talents are limited to programming, event scripting, etc, so I have had to resort to using as many default assets as I could get away with. The issue I'm running into now is that I have several characters I made using the built in character creator, and I need enemy images for them. I've got a placeholder image, but it's not exactly...uh, good. I can't pay you anything, since this game is intended to be 100% non-commercial, but I will give you credit. My goal is to one day publish it on Steam as a free-to-play game, so I imagine it'll get a fair bit of publicity (who wouldn't see a free game and think "Eh, why not?"), which in turn will get you, the artist, a good amount of publicity.

    I have 7 overworld sprites (with faces) that I would like made into enemy sprites. Anyone interested in helping me out? You can learn more about the game here: http://www.zackthezealot.com
  2. If you own ace you can use the generator there as well. Make a Chara with different colored skin put wings on them and then don't resize then they will blur. but put them in mv Chara file and u got a small winged enemy. don't know about the side view . Also with my tile sets i use default they are free to use in any game. In my camp tiles i have an event to build a brige. Hope this helps some.
  3. I can help too
  4. Would you like me to message the sprites and face files to you?
  5. Sure;h)
  6. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to send these to you directly, so I just uploaded the face and sprite files here. Thank you so much for helping me out with this!

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