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[Help Wanted] Mad Sin



Feb 20, 2016
RM Skill
More information about the story, art, gameplay and music can be found > here <

Synopsis: Mad Sin is a 2D turn-based RPG set in an urban gothic fantasy setting. The story revolves around a mysterious grey fog that lingers into different areas in the world. When the fog reaches into an area, the area is considered "The Grey Area", which is where the madness happens. The madness involve monsters terrorizing the area, loved ones betraying each other, people going rogue, etc.

The player will be partnered up with a S.P.A.I agent who investigates and resolves paranormal/supernatural disasters. The player takes the role of an S.P.A.I agent working behind the scenes while giving the field agent orders. Also there are characters the player meets in the game who will support the player in stopping what is causing the madness from happening.

The game will be a straightforward turn-based RPG that has it's own story, main quests to complete, side quests to optionally complete, and puzzles to solve. Though I want to take a different approach mainly on presentation since the game mechanics will be mostly the default turn-based battle system present on the game engine. I may utilize some scripts to mix up the gameplay, but not much.

Positions/Roles Needed:

  • backgrounds: responsible for creating custom backgrounds for cutscenes and battle scenes [2/2 positions available]
  • tilesets: responsible for creating custom tilesets to create the game world [2/2 positions available]
  • sprites: responsible for creating custom sprites for PCs, NPCs, enemies, and animations [2/2 positions available]
  • user interface: responsible for creating custom icons, buttons, text, and text boxes [2/2 positions available]
Note for Artists:
It's fine if you give me at least a sketch of your work. I can finish up your sketches and make them complete.

  • narrative writing: responsible for crafting the game's story and character dialogue [1/1 positions available]
  • technical writing: responsible for crafting game progression and character stats [1/1 positions available]
Note for Writers:
It's fine if you give me at rough draft of your work. I can finish up your drafts and write up the missing details.

Musicians/Sound Effects Artists
  • music tracks: responsible for composing the game's original sound track [2/2 positions available]
  • sound effects: responsible for crafting the game's original sound effects [1/1 positions available]
Note for Writers:
As long as you keep it within the music genre, you're free to let loose and express yourself. For sound effects, try to make sounds not similar to the default sounds that come with the engine.

  • scripts: responsible for implementing custom or existing scripts in the game [1/1 positions available]
Note for Developers:
As long as you understand the overall gameplay, you're free to suggest what scripts are needed.

Extra Roles
  • marketing (art): assist in promoting the game through promotional artwork [4/4 positions available]
  • marketing (social): assist in promoting the game in multiple social sites and forums [1/1 positions available]
  • comic artist: assist in creating a comic pages that will promote the game [2/2 positions available]
Note for Extra Roles:
While these are extra roles, the extra things to promote the game creates an audience. When you help me promote the game, you in turn promote your work as well.

My Role(s)/Position(s):

-I'll cover these roles-
  • Design
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Development
  • Marketing
-I'll outsource these roles eventually-
  • Music
  • Marketing
Skill Trade:

If you need some art for your game, I'm good to make quick sketches. Also I'm good to make tilesets, sprites, and animations in the form of pixel art or vector art. Though if you need something complete, send me a PM and we'll discuss more about it.

Feel free to leave questions or comments on this thread or send me a PM if you're interested or want to ask more questions. Thanks for reading.

[doublepost=1527826928,1527409446][/doublepost]Here are some updates. A couple of musicians are on board to create a game, I'm doing skill trade with a writer, and I recently have 1 artist who will help me out with the sprites and tilesets. What roles I need more of are artists. I know it takes a lot of time to render out the sprites and tilesets, but as I'm an artist myself all I require minimum are sketches and I'll render the sketches to a complete piece. If your drawing skills needs an upgrade, this is a perfect game project to contribute to.

I'm still looking for people, and I do have a game plan to get the project done.

[doublepost=1528453367][/doublepost]Hello all, I'm still looking for some artists to help out with making graphics for the game. No prior experience necessary. If any of you want to start somewhere, start with this project.
[doublepost=1529068960][/doublepost]I'm still looking for artists who can do backgrounds, tilesets, sprites, and/or user interface