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Helper character....help

Discussion in 'Javascript & Event Design' started by Nikh, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. hi!! Still kinda new to this whole event design things so I was hoping I can get some help with some stuff.

    Anyone know a really good way of making a sort of helper character that gives advice as you progress through the game when you press a button? Kinda like Navi in Ocarina of time. Something like that. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Of course! So do this :
    1. Go To "Tools" up top
    2. Go to "Database"
    3. The 12th tab down called "Common Events" are events you can call pretty much from anywhere.

    If you set it up like this, you only need to turn on a switch on the map.

    To do this, click on the empty area that says "Contents" to open up the "Event Commands" and you want to go to "Conditional Branches"


    Tab 4 will hold commands that allow you to press a key on your board. Pageup in this case is the "Q" key. I choose this because it's out of the way and it's not tied to other commands like the Z, X, Enter keys.

    Press "OK" and now click INSIDE the conditional branch to add content in there. I added text but you can add whatever you want.

    Once you do that, MAKE SURE that "Trigger" at the center part of the page is set to "Parallel". This means that the event will run at the same time as you are playing and will not interrupt you. Now on the top right make sure you click and assign a switch that you will turn on later.

    Now go to your map and create a new event. MAKE SURE you set the "Trigger" at the bottom left of this page to "Parallel" as well, you want it to run at the same time you play.


    Now click "Contents" and add your switch you want to turn on.


    And don't forget to add "Erase Event" on the 2nd tab. This will harmlessly erase the event temporarily on the map when you play.


    I hoped this helped!
  3. Thank you so much!! This is exactly what I needed ^^

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