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Hi guys! I'm new to MV but am loving it!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions and Goodbyes' started by 77Mercury77, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Hey guys!

    I'm Thorn, I'm working on some RPG/Point & Click Adventure games. I'm trying to combine what was the best of Lufia 2, Monkey Island and Toon Struck. I'm hoping to do a serious RPG down the track but am doing more light hearted stuff while I'm learning to use MV. Had it for about 3 days and already have about 45hrs on it in Steam.

    If anyone can help me or give me some tips like how to make a proper old fashioned turn based (character backs to player and monsters facing player) like Lufia 2 it'd be immensely helpful. I'm not good at much of this stuff but I've always been a good writer, character creator and story teller. So if anyone needs help with writing stories, dialogue or plot lines that's where I can help best. Also a keen voice actor.

    Also keen for collaborating for a fun hobby with a return. Also doing the typical "if I make a game with any content from other people they get a free copy, credit and a producer credit in the game credits" to me that seems only fair.

    I hope to learn a lot here and in time upload relevant resources like voice acting and story writing resources. To start a game without a tale is like leaving the harbor without a sail :)

    Talk soon guys.

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