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Hi im new feedback for this character :)

Discussion in 'Visual & Sound Design' started by BombA, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Hi im a beginner in RPG maker mv i try to make a RPG horror game

    I have done this character on 2d what do you think ? :)

    Its my first try and im not even sure if its the right place to ask this :s

    Attached Files:

  2. That really good! I don't know how to give proper feedback considering I have no idea what the game actually is xD But your art skills are impressive! If you're new the program I recommend you take a look at Echo607 <--- Link! She does amazing tutorials on pretty much everything. But yeah, Great Art ^-^
  3. Oh thanks to precise again i only make the character in 2d the character was made from a generator :p and yeahh i know already this channel she is awesome and her videos are really cool to watch

    Im doing a rpg horror game i don't want to spoil my game for the story :P
  4. Which generator did you use to make this? It looks great--I like how you did the different-colored eyes!
  5. Hi this is the generator : and here the link for a safe download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/qsr6x47ip31ecsi/animegen.zip?dl=0

    Dont download from the youtube videos apparently it give virus just download from the dropbox link :) and thanks thoses colored eyes hide something for the story of my game :P
  6. Thanks! Now I can draft characters more easily :)
  7. Really awesome! Wish you luck for your horror game! :D

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