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How to REMOVE the Shadows from SV_Actors in Battle Mode

Discussion in 'MV Tutorials' started by MinisterJay, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. There may be times when you do not want to have shadows for the characters in Battle Mode. You may have characters of different sizes; I like my dwarves, humans, elves, halflings, and fairies to be different sizes. When using the standard shadow that comes from MV images, all are given the same shadow size as each other. It some games, you may just prefer to have no shadows for SV_Actor nor SV_Enemies.

    First how did I truly discover how to remove the shadows. Credit has to go @Soul . I just downloaded his SOUL_MV Destination Cursor. In addition to the plugin, he had put three images in a System folder. When I was cut and pasting them into the primary MV System folder, I saw something that caught my attention. Shadow1.png and Shadow2.png, and they looked like the shadows for SV_Actors in battle.

    I wanted this option for a current game, that I was working on. So I will start the steps there first. My PC stores the present game being worked on in the Games folder within Documents. Within Games, find the game that you desire to not have SV_Actor shadows. Double click on the img folder. Double click on the system folder. Select the Shadow2.png. Open it with your favorite image editing tool. Before doing any modifications, quickly rename the original image. I changed it to Shadow2B.png. It is safer to keep original images, and renaming them, when doing modifications. Now, go back to the image editor. CTL A on the image and DELETE. Different imaging editing tools have different procedures, so follow the directions of your particular editor. Now save and export the modified image. When you do you next battle, with specific game, you will not see any SV_Actors shadows during battles.

    The procedure is the same if you want NONE of your MV games to have SV_Actors shadows during Battle mode. On a PC the path is Computer/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/RPG Maker MV/New Data/img/system . Never delete original material without saving it somewhere else or renaming it.
  3. @Black Shadow, please stay on the topic of the tutorial here. Thanks!

    @MinisterJay: Nice tutorial! I can see removing shadows being an especially nice option for when someone is trying out custom battlers. :)
  4. It didn't work.... :(
  5. Did you try closing the current project and then re-opening it, after modifying the shadows?
  6. @MinisterJay not to necro this but I literally needed this right now so I just wanted to say that saved me some trouble <3

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