I am in the right path with my mapping?

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  1. Sup guys! ~

    Well, I studied a bit about mapping and tried creating some maps for my project and would like your opinion about them!
    I'm showing you the first village of the game and two of its dungeons: a grove and a cave used for mining.
    And then?
    Thank you in advance!

    Village.png Dungeon1-A1.png Dungeon1-B1.png Dungeon1-C1.png Dungeon1-C2.png Dungeon1-D1.png Dungeon2-A1.png Dungeon2-B1.png Dungeon2-C1.png Dungeon2-C2.png Dungeon2-C3.png Dungeon2-D1.png
  2. I think the mapping looks great! Especially since they aren't box caves! Great work!
  3. Hehe! Thanks!
  4. I agree that they look great in general.
    Personally, the village is a bit vast to me, with loads of space between the houses and quite many trees/bushes for inside a village. The houses look quite unconnected this way, almost like some people accidantelly built them close to one another, but not to form a village. Also it looks a bit ....used ...vintage you could say :P But I suppose that is on purpose.
  5. Thanks a lot!
    Well, the "vintage" look is really what I wanted for this village, because the village itself is quite old.
    I must agree with the "loads of space". For me, the village is a bit ... empty.
    I will give an extra look on the map design ~
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    Actually, the village suffered some "transformations".

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  6. they all are pretty solid!

    i'd say add some more details, like pickaxes in the caves, ropes, shovels, or for the forest areas, stumps, logs, more flowers, bushes, etc
  7. Oh, sure!
    Thanks, i will give a extra look again ~
  8. I like the village transformation. Looks less standard now.

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