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I bet you didn't know 1 thing about me

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Xyphien, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. List one thing about you that you think no one knows. (Idea came from @MinisterJay 's topic)

    For example:

    I bet you didn't know I started making forums on May 10th 2009.
  2. I bet you didn't know that I had a higher GPA in my Music courses (4.0) than in Psychology courses (2.8).
  3. Bet you didn't know that im an iced tea addict!
  4. I bet you didn't know I've had way more practice in music than in art... whether it be high school activities band, choir, and musical theatre... I also did choir in church and I was in a choir group outside of both of those.
  5. I bet you didn't know I was retired.
  6. I bet you didn't know that, while I was in the military, I pierced my right ear, with a safety pin. That's right I pierced the wrong ear, and kept the safety pin in it for a while. The dare that beat mine was a friend sniffing his dog tag chain up his nose and coughing one end out, and then holding each end and pulling it back and forth. The only thing to beat this was to take his dog chain away from him and swallow it. I lost the dare. :)
  7. I bet you didn't know that...

    ow the edge
  8. I bet you didn't know that I'm addicted to spy movies
  9. I bet you didn't know I have two pomeranians.
  10. I bet you did't know I'm a witch because I have a black cat lol.
  11. I bet you didn't know I'm allergic to cats.
  12. @sage D: no fluffy kitties for you then.

    I bet no one knows that I have this one here XD image.jpeg
  13. I bet you didn't know im a big fan of oranges!

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