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I can't wrap my head around deployment

Discussion in 'MV Deployment' started by Pixie_Virus, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. For some reason, no matter how much stuff I watch/read, I can not grasp how to deploy. Or really how it works. Once deployed how does it get from A to B? Does it just become a dragon drop folder? or url? like? How?
    (This seems like a silly question.)
  2. deploying to a website is VERY easy if you have root access (having your own website). you just upload the game folder via ftp (i use coreftp, which is free and highly functional, dl at www.coreftp.com). pull up the the game.html page on your site will launch your game. deploying to Android is a bit more complicated and i've never tried doing it, though some people have made their games available on Android, so it's definitely possible.

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