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    Social Media Links - All of our social media accounts can be found here (And at the bottom of this post)

    RaiseGamer - Promote your game to thousands of people on social media!

    Resources | RMMV Addons - A place to add/download rpg maker mv resources/addons.

    Resource Changes - All the information on the new resource section.

    Forum Information - All new information coming out on the forums.

    Resource Rules - All the rules and regulations you need to follow in the resource section of the forum.

    Forum + Site Rules - All the rules and regulations you need to follow around the whole site.

    Become Premium Member - Become a premium member, and get some cool rewards/account accesses.

    Donate and help us keep the site up - It costs a lot to keep a database/download website/forum up and running. With your help we can keep it up to date!

    Wiki - The RMMV Wiki, it has everything from wiki's about our website, to wiki's about games, resources, etc.

    Blogs - A spot you can blog, or read other people's blogs. We also have an official blog there too!

  2. Maybe we can link this as direction for new members ouo ?
  3. Some of these are pretty self-explanatory, but you may want to put a short description after each link for newer members. You could also probably take out Blogs, Wiki, and Premium since they're in the top bar anyway.
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  4. ooh, good idea! I'll look into a way to do this soon!

    Another good idea! I went ahead and added descriptions to everything, and seeing as I did, I went ahead and kept blogs, wiki, etc. as it'll help explain. I know a few people thought the blog area was just our official blog, and not that they could make one as well!

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