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Is Level-less progression something people might like?

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by Marrik, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. To be frank I dislike RPGMaker's default 'here is the start stat here is the end stat and here's a vague curve how it progresses til you get there.'

    Plus I want my game to have a fair bit of story focus, so was thinking hand out stat progression as events unfold, items are found (learning spells by interacting with items,) or the like as opposed to 'you killed a thousand rats, therefor your magic got better.'

    Not saying there won't be fighting, but the idea I have is more aimed at rewarding exploration instead of 'here grind for a halfhour to get better at murder.' Fighting would still be important for loot, but character growth would be divorced from it.
  2. one thing you can easily do to be a little different is to hide the XP and use it in the background (or some other variable) to link to a common event that levels you up via your class or nickname

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