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Khayalans Mapping Wonder

Discussion in 'Skill Swaps / Resource Trading' started by Khayalan, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. #1 Khayalan, Jan 17, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2016
    Hey RPGMakers,

    because i have fun making maps, i will put up here a little workshop...
    Before i talk to much, here a few screenshots ^^
    Worldmap for my own Game :)
    A big Forest... In normal there are rocks too, but mine are set as events

    A Forest Town (thanks to PandaMaru for the sprites) Here are rocks too

    And a normal Town, and here too

    So if you need anything just PM me here ^^
    I need everything atm, but mainly Graphics (HUD-Stuff and other stuff)

    Slot 1: @Sinnistar :)
    Slot 2: free
    Slot 3: free

  2. These are great, really creative! I'll definitely keep you in mind if I ever need something for maps. ^_^

    PS - where can I find those nice tree sprites you have?
  3. Are those XP trees and tree trunks?
  4. First thanks for the feedback :)
    The trees are made by PandaMaru
    Check here out here >PandaMarusAdventcalenderThread<
    (Her Trees are in the other one :))

  5. I thought those were the Pandamaru trees xP have seen em before and they are nice yeah.

    Anyway, if you'd like to make some maps for me I'm a graphics artist that may be able to assist you with some things too! Just message me and we can arrange something if I can do what you need done heh. (I need someone skilled in maps that won't make them look generic, and yours don't so it works!)
  6. Exciting to see good maps!
  7. wow those maps are amazing :) good job
  8. The ones they made for me are absolutely amazing so far lol. I am loving the appearance of em. Just hope what I'm doing in return will amount to how much those are worth heh.
  9. way better than what i can do, wot i do is use preset maps and modify it to the way i want it to look XD
  10. lol yeah, presets even when modified are still quite visually presets. I try to make original ones but I can't seem to keep a consistent design like it should. I can make them link up, but it won't appear like the whole area can just be laid side by side to show it all without any varying paths. That's why I've got help, and I'm kinda learning from those too so it benefits in more ways than one.
  11. Don't know whether you're still here or interested however I'll post anyway considering this is the only thing in this forum.

    Those are really nice, do you need any plugins making at all for this project? Other than story help thats what I could offer.
  12. Hello guys,

    im back again :) Sorry for the unannounced inactivity...
    At first i were in hospital and then private problems... meeh

    @LordBones still searching?

  13. incredible stuff. I wish I had your talent. I don't have any graphics to as my artistic ability is nonexistent. I hope to find a map maker on your level for my project.

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