Le Renard [The Fox]: [Early in development]

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    map 2.png

    = Plot =

    25 years ago, the noble king of Caecenia was usurped by a rebel force within his own land. The chief usurpers, named the Seven, have broken up the kingdom. Their regions are named for the color of their banners.

    Life since then has been chiefly peaceful. This peace, however, is an oppressive one. The people of the land suffer under heavy taxation in order to finance the Seven's lavish tournaments, their way of deciding domestic and geographic squabbles. Only the best knights under the employ of each of the Seven are allowed to participate to further their region's advancement.

    Kari of The Red is one such knight. Loyal to her region of The Red yet disgruntled with her relegation to fetch quests, she longs to become a tournament knight. But it seems it will never happen. She is stuck with the task of getting Lord Red's sherry.

    That is, until she finds a secret room, with a piece of a mask and a riddle.

    Three in twain regard
    Divided is the renard.

    Le Renard.png

    = [WIP] Features: =
    -Find the remaining two pieces of the mask in a Zelda-style open world!
    -Compete to be the top tournament fighter under the banner of each Lord, then turn the tables on the officials by donning the mask and undermining their entire region! (Saving the peasants in the process, of course)
    -Customize your battling approach with skills and gear!
    (More coming later)

    = [Current] Cast =
    Kari (final artwork in progress)
    The main character and underappreciated
    knight of The Red. She has a bit of a temper,
    but has a good sense of justice and mercy.

    Le Renard (final artwork in progress)
    Kari's alter-ego and freer self. Wearing the
    mask bolsters her confidence and that of
    the people she helps.

    An upbeat girl who is
    Hodge's employee and suffers from narcolepsy.

    Hodges (final artwork in progress)
    The Red's most popular shopkeeper
    and Natch's employer.

    (artwork in progress)
    A fox that has the habit of appearing
    around Hodges' shop whenever Natch
    falls asleep.


    One of Kari's fellow knights who is
    in love with Natch. He isn't quite
    aware of her problem, and no one
    has the heart to mention it to him.
    = Screenshots =
    Battle with Kari's sprite.PNG
    = Important Notes =
    -I've been trying to complete a single project for almost a year now, and hopefully this will be my first one.
    -I'm slowly but steadily making progress on it. I will post a demo when it gets to a satisfactory state.
    -Most of the above sprites that I have yet to create final images for are in the Fantasy Hero Pack for VX Ace (I'm actually using MV for creation), are by Katakura Hibiki and published by Degica.
    -I'm using some of Ækashics' animated side-view battlers, found here: http://www.akashics.moe/

    Please leave any thoughts or suggestions below :)

    Le Renard Banner for forum.png

    -Kari has an animated SV battler sprite!
    -Opening quest is half-done!
    -Ending has been completed!
    -Final Boss Battle is 75% complete!
    -More maps! A small village, seaside caves, and dark forests await!

    -Le Renard has an animated SV battler sprite!
    -Disguise yourself with the push of a button!

    -Galv's Quest Log!
    Quest Log Example.PNG
    -Fast Travel Preliminary Functionality Added!
    -Loading Screen!
    -More Music!
    -World Map created and sectioned! (Using FSM resources as templates)
    -Clouds where they should be!
    -New font! Fira Sans Condensed! http://www.1001fonts.com/fira-sans-condensed-font.html

    Screenshot 2.PNG
    Screenshot w new font.PNG
    -Grouped Options Menu!
    -Dynamic Text!
    -New HUD!
    Screenshot w new hud.PNG
    -Numerous fixes/plugin compatibility adjustments...
    -Natch has an animated SV battler sprite (and is now an archer)!
    Battle with Natch's sprite.PNG
    -Hit damage sounds!
    -Fade effect for enemies out of range!
  2. =UPDATE=

    I've been having trouble with Moghunter's LMBS system so far, so I won't be able to implement it until this gets resolved...
    I've seen one other post on another forum about it, but it never was resolved. So I might have to use a different battle system.

    On the bright side, progress is coming swimmingly!


    Just a statue... right?
  3. The concept sounds pretty cool to me, and those maps are looking nice so far - good luck with this! (cheeky)
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    Thanks! I've added in an intro, a bit of story so far, and a music menu.

    Screenshot 2.PNG Music menu snapshot.PNG
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 12, 2017 at 12:21 PM, Original Post Date: Aug 2, 2017 ---
    -More than 50% done with the story!
    -Act 2 is well underway!
    -Credits background has been completed!
    -Combat is more balanced!

    -Added Minimap functionality!
    -Improved Moghunter's Fast Travel functionality!
    -Added Dragonbones battlers!

    -Finished much of the Minimap functionality!
    -Finished first Boss Fight!
    -Added a Time System!
    -Added a Time of Day Tinting System!
    -More story!
    (I will continue to add to this list)

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