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Legacy of Nirzagath

Discussion in 'Projects Under Development' started by Flaming Pike, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Hi there, I'm Pike and I'm making this thing called Legacy of Nirzagath. It's a game. Video game.

    A little bit of history...

    So, I guess I should start with the beginning. In early 2017 I wanted to make something. Something tangible. I needed a side-project in my life. Something that would get my creativity going. Something that would make a mark before I'd die!

    I've been playing games for a long time. Sometimes I would think "What if they made a game that way?" or "Why haven't they thought of that?". I guess there was a little dev inside of me crying, trying to get out. The problem was that I had no idea how to make a game and, gotta admit, I wasn't too sure I wanted to spend months taking classes for something that might only be a hobby and not a full-time job. I found RPG Maker MV and I thought this was the perfect game-making noob magnet ever. I bought it and I messed around with it for a bunch of months, trying to find what it could and couldn't do and discovering the games that had been done with it as well. I also watched a lot of very informative videos and read plenty of equally helpful threads.

    I quickly saw that many RPG Maker games looked the same. Some of them were great nevertheless, but they still had that look, that feel that would make you say "Yep, it was made with RPG Maker." Well, that's what I wanted to avoid.

    I had to re-do everything if I wanted to reach my goal. The level design, the sprites, the music, the sound and special effects, voice acting, cutscenes, the portraits and other images and more, much more, all had to be original. At first I thought I would make a small game, you know, just to make "something" for a few months and call it a day. But the more time ( and yes, money ) I invested on it, the bigger it became, the more exciting the project was becoming and the more motivated I was in working on it everyday. I began realizing I had something good going on here.

    So, I worked on it like a madman. I think I can count on my hand the number of days I spent NOT working on it. When going to sleep, I'd think about it. When sleeping, I'd dream about it. When I woke up, I'd go to the bathroom and THEN think about it. I'd almost get anxiety attacks if I wouldn't work on LoN for a couple of days.

    And now it's turning more and more into a full-time occupation for me. I'm pretty much obsessed with this thing. Help.

    The Game

    I've already said it, but an important thing for me was to make the game different. Visually, it will be different from most RPG Maker games. First of all, it will be more 2D platform-ish than your regular RPG Maker game. You'll still be able to walk "up and down" but you'll mostly go from left to right. This will allow me to draw truly epic scenery. By the way: I'm doing all my levels by avoiding tiles, using parallax imagery only!

    LoN is, obviously, a RPG. I wanted to put some of my favorite elements from the best RPGs out there in my game. Here are some things you'll find in the game:

    • A compelling story: My number one goal is to make a great story. The best games I've played involved awesome storylines, upsetting scenes and shocking plot twists. For those who are familiar with Steam: I want to get the "story rich" tag at all cost!
    • Choices matter: You will be able to complete various quests in different manners, answer differently when asked a question, etc. This is a primordial element that I will focus on in order to create solid replay value.
    • Friendships and romance: Throughout your adventures, you will meet different characters who will approve or disapprove the choices you make as a hero. You will be able to do certain quests involving specific characters to gain their loyalty, and yes, if you're lucky, maybe even fall in love!
    • Alignment change: You will be given multiple opportunities to accomplish good or evil actions. As you progress, your character could become a revered savior, a neutral hero or a cruel tyrant. Your alignment will sometimes affect your interaction with people as well as have an effect on the storyline.
    • Fame: Your fame grows as you accomplish quests. The more fame you get, the more likely you will be able to speak to people who'd rather not talk to simple peasants!
    • Various Endings: I'll make at least 3 different endings depending on the decisions of the player.
    • Arena Battles: I'm very fond of those duel-like areas in games which usually take the shape of arenas. I'm definitely adding at least one arena in my game. You'll have some of the most challenging battles there and it'll be one of the places to go if you want to gain gold and fame!
    • Crafting: One of the things I love the most in RPGs is the ability to craft items! In LoN, you will be given the opportunity to do that with the help of a highly powerful arcane item called the Orb of Creation. Find the necessary ingredients and combine them with a rune in order to make all sorts of things!
    • French and English versions: I'm French Canadian and therefore it'll be easy for me to make the game available in both languages!
    There are still additional elements that could be implemented. For example, I'm juggling with the idea of buying your own land with an old decrepit castle and improving it, spending gold and material, hiring servants and guards and adding side-quests to accompany all that.

    Introducing LoN in Images

    For the tl;dr type. I know, I write too much all the time. No big deal. I understand.

    This is the world map. I have another version with all the locations marked, but I'm keeping it for now. I might reveal it later. I am not an expert cartographer, but I tried to make it as realistic as possible whilst keeping it fantasy themed.

    So, this is a close-up view of the "tiles" in the RPG Maker software. I'll make it simple: every tile is a potential area/level to visit and there's a total of 2500 tiles on the world map! Of course, there are areas like "sea tiles" we can't do much with, but the tiles including pieces of land have chances of becoming levels. In order to balance the game and avoid a level 1 party from getting torn to shreds in a level 30 area, each area's difficulty will most likely be indicated, and sometimes some areas might require certain quests or actions to be "unlocked". This way, I guess you could say my game will be somewhat flirting with the open-world genre. The major areas in the game ( cities and villages, castles, caves and dungeons and all the main quest-related levels ) will definitely be made accessible. Other, rather "empty" areas like forest or grassland tiles might not all be accessible, but the bigger the hype, the more visitable areas I'll add!

    Items in the menu will be shown as if they had been drawn in a notebook by an explorer. As a matter of fact, I want my menu to look like an adventurer's notebook. This is a sneak peek of some of the items I've drawn for the game. As I'm writing this, I've drawn over 160 items!

    An early version of a level I've made. You'll be able to enter this tower named "Eagle Eye" which will be involved in a side-quest. As you might have realized, the background still needs a little work, which will be done eventually. It initially was a "test" level I've made early on in order to see whether or not my game could be done the way I wanted visually. Turns out it works! Right now, I'm not ready to "make" levels like this. I'm still drawing single objects like trees, houses, plants, etc. but soon enough, I'll be working full-time on making levels like this one, and trust me, they'll be much more epic.

    Some houses and establishments you'll find in your travels! The architectural style will differ from one place to another.

    Inside the "Valiant Mastiff", a most infamous inn found in the city of New Cadedrann. Some quests will involve this establishment. This is an in-game screencap and the level is still in progress. A lot more characters will be added! And also, more trash on the ground. -___- All characters in my game will have their own personal animations.

    Right now, I'm composing my songs with Sonar Home Studio, which is an affordable, intermediate composing software.

    For animations, I use Spriter Pro. It's a great software which will allow me to do all the character animations for the game.


    What do you think? Like it? Don't? Not sure? Don't care? Let me know. I'm curious to know opinions from complete strangers. So far, I've only shown this to people I know and they could be lying to me, feeding me illusions that this is a badass game. I'd like to have your opinions and if you have questions, I'll try to answer them, but I must warn you I will keep some stuff secret! Yep, I don't trust easily, heh. Jokes aside, there are some elements in my game which I'll explain in time. I plan on making Youtube videos both for promotional purposes and for tutorial-like stuff, explaining how I did this or that. Good idea?

    I have one question, however. What do you guys think about crowdfunding? Is this worth crowdfunding? Gotta admit, I'm highly tempted by a campaign. It would allow me to make the game even better and make it faster. I could buy stuff and hire people with the money. I think I'm doing a good job so far, but I feel like it could be even better.

    Well, that's it for now. This is my second post and I do hope I haven't done anything wrong. It was a pretty big post, after all! Thanks for visiting and showing interest in my game.
  2. Wow man... I.. I... liked it!

    That's so amazing!

    I really identify myself with your words and work. I suddenly got a "dev's spirit" flowing up my veins and bought RPG Maker MV, besides already knowing about VXAce. It's really nice to work for hours and put effort to make your game unique. I appreciate my own artwork and everything else.. Proud of myself, you know? After all, it's my game I'm talking about. We should love our own work, even if it's never gonna go commercial.

    So, I really support!
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 14, 2017, Original Post Date: Nov 12, 2017 ---
    About crowdfunding: It's a GREAT idea! Kickstart it and let people know what's coming.. Maybe someone get interested to help (like me, hehe) and you'll have a chance to come up with it faster.

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