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Let's Get Social (Media, that is!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amysaurus, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Hey! @Starbird mentioned the idea of having a list of people's Twitter names on the forum, so I thought I'd put together a topic for us to share some of our social media handles. (cute)

    Feel free and post any handles/links you're comfortable with sharing, and I'll start forming a list!

    Amysaurus: DeviantArt, Steam, Twitter, Amy#0590 (Discord)
    Arythorn: Steam
    MinisterJay: Steam, MinisterJay#4842 (Discord)
    Starbird: DeviantArt, Twitter
    Zebastien: SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Zebestian#9374 (Discord)
  2. Thanks @Amysaurus!

    Twitter: Starbird_RPG
    DeviantArt: StarbirdResources
  3. Added!

    *inb4 we're the only people that put anything on the list* (snicker)
  4. Steam
    Discord: MinisterJay#4842
  5. I like this idea! Having more ways to network than just the forum is nice~! Alright, here goes:
    Youtube (currently empty, but I might upload some music there too)
    Discord: Zebestian#9374
  6. I think I've added in everyone so far. (cheeky)

    It'd be nice if Discord gave us links, huh?

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