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Level up character

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by Eliaquim, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. Hi guys!
    I'am new in rpg maker mv and i try to make a parallel event when the player level up, it will be show some choices for him to choose.
    So whenever the player levels up, this event it will happen.
    This event is out of the battle scene, is in the game map.
    I try severall scripts commands like:

    Code (Text):
    But none of them worked. Some of them change the level right away, and thats not what i want.

    Actually i'am doing something like this with the conditional branch:


    I believe that this event could also happen if in the conditional branch there was a condition so that whenever that text of "levelUp" appeared, the event would be activated.


  2. You could use this plugin:

    Much more of a simple setup.(cool)
  3. Hi! Thanks for the answer!
    But i'm sorry, i forgot to mention that i cannot any custom plugins.
    Because this game is for a rtp game jam. Without any plugins or edits :/
    I can use only script calls inside the events.
  4. #4 CT_Bolt, Oct 9, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2018
    Ohhhh I see.
    In that case check out what I've found out...

    Method (A)
    Using a parallel event you can add or alias functions (wink)
    I use a parallel event in the very beginning (first map) of the game then either turn on a self switch and setup a blank page 2 or use erase event if I know I'm not coming back to the map ever.

    Code (Javascript):

    var commonEventId = 1;
    var GameActor_levelUp = Game_Actor.prototype.levelUp;
    Game_Actor.prototype.levelUp = function() {
    What I've done is inside the parallel event I placed an alias of the function that "levels up" the player.
    Added a part to it to call a common event whenever the player levels up.
    Should work in all parts of the game (battle, map, etc).

    This will also help cut down drastically on your parallel event processing power. (can really drain memory).
    Due to having parallel event constantly checking for a "level up".

    This event isn't placed on every map (cute) Only the first map.

    This is how to check for a level up manually if you really really want to...
    Method (B)
    This must be placed on every map the player could level up on
    (...or a parallel common event using a switch to turn the event on.)

    Also aside from not needing to be on every map, Method (A) also works for battles but will run the common event when it returns to the map.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Very cool your going enter the Game Jam! (cool)(thumbsup)
    Good luck to ya! (cute)
  5. Hey!
    I'm not sure if i can use the first method, but it worked!

    Also, the second method work too!

    Thank you so much Ct_Bolt! o/
  6. No prob. (cool)(thumbsup) Happy to help. (cute)(icecream)

    Thread closed due to this being solved.
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