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Looking for anyone interested

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by EmmaV, May 30, 2018.

  1. #1 EmmaV, May 30, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
    Self Intro & Goals
    So i'm not exactly looking for anyone professional or something like that. I just have a game idea and it's been in idea mode for a long time, so I was just looking for anyone interested on working on this with me. I'm a total noob with the program, mainly cause I left it alone after pre ordering(lol XD fail). I'm not looking for anyone with particular skills, just an interest in my story, and a willingness to help with no profit whatsoever. I want to make this game no matter how long it takes.


    Title: N/A
    i don't have a title in mind for the moment, but maybe something along the lines of May Madness or something...(maybe not)

    Genre: Dating sims

    Synopsis: The Blue Moon Ball is coming up. It's an annual event that students and faculty both enjoy. You play as a student looking for a partner for the Blue Moon Ball. You have a choice of bringing one out of twenty characters. And maybe, along the way, you'll uncover a hidden secret.

    Plot and Characters
    Plot: Depending on which route you take, and who (yes who) you're playing as, the roles and story changes. The school is hiding something totally horrid and doesn't want anyone to know. One night, while the protag is asleep, they hear something. Whether they choose to investigate or not is up to them. If they do, they uncover the secret that the school is hiding. I don't want to give away the plot... but i will say that you can date anyone. So hopefully that makes it more interesting.

    Characters: There'll be four playable characters. They'll be preset with their own characteristics to make them not so bland. Two boys and two girls; a questionaire will set up to determine who you play as. I'm not sure if i should make gender an option to pick or not...cause i feel like the questionaire will lead to a more closely(?) accurate play style towards one's own personality rather than the expected gender roles/neutral characters.

    There will be 20 datable characters. I will warn you that I am a huge fan of CLAMP if that gives away any spoilers. The twenty datable are based on stock character stereotypes, but they each have their own stories to spice it up a bit, i guess.

    As well as the main cast of 24, there will be background characters scattered around to add more to the setting.

    Positions Available and Currently Filled
    EDIT (6.5.18):
    Writers : (1/?)
    Currently in need of a co-writer. Just someone to bounce ideas off is good enough. More than one person also welcome!

    I don't have any particular requirements or positions in mind, so i'm looking for anyone in particular. Once the project gets going, then maybe positions will probably be necessary, but for now not so much, as long as you know how to use RPGMMV then that's all that's necessary.

    My strong point is being a story teller, so i guess i'll be the director behind this project.

    Concept Art/Screenshots/Demos/Other Information
    This might take a really long time, cause real life and all that. But i'm willing to work on it for that long, will you?
  2. I currently do programming for mv, ace, and xp. And i would like to help on this project. If you would accept my help, contact me at nolifegaming33@gmail.com.
  3. If you have any questions in regards to learning how to event this, don't be afraid to ask. It seems like this can be easily done as a Visual Novel (or not that depends on you) and those are fairly easy and good place to start learning RMMV. Don't be afraid to PM me if you want to learn more!
  4. Hello! I'm a writer and I've had plenty of experience with RPGMMV and would like to assist. Whether you need someone to bounce ideas from or simply to help you out with how the program works, I'm willing to help. I work well in creating background stories or other character development tidbits, if you need any of that I will be happy to help. Just message me if you'd like me to help out.

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