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Looking for Mappers! (PAID)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Architect, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Hello there, I'm Architect. I'm the lead developer behind a small adult game studio! Before you read any further, our work has nudity, explicit content, and darker themes that may be unsuitable for some people to work on. If you are not comfortable with the idea, and are not 18+, you'll want to give this a pass.

    Moving on! I'm looking for a flexible, experienced mapper who can work with complex, non-default tilesets, usually in the XP, retro pixelated style, but using the RPG Maker MV engine. The tilesets will be provided, as is a dev copy. You are required to have a personal copy of RPG Maker MV to work on it, obviously.

    You won't need to do parallax or PhotoShop-assisted mapping or anything. It is strictly editor mapping, with all assets provided. You can even request specific assets if you feel they'd improve the map, and we'll have our art team do them up.

    We only pay using PayPal. You will be paid well, and paid on time, as a few others on this board will testify. We only request you extend that mutual respect to us, and be responsive and punctual with commissions given to you.

    Send me a message if you're interested. Look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Are the XP style tilesets edits of the XP RTP?
  3. No, it's a tileset designed from scratch by momofumi, that resembles the XP style.

    More info:


    We are still looking for a mapper. We offer above average rates, at USD 50/per large map (100x100~).

    Do apply if interested.

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