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M.U.G.E.N.-based Battle System

Discussion in 'Resource Request' started by vico, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. M.U.G.E.N.-based Battle System

    Hi everyone! I hope you're having a very nice 2017 start!

    I came here to request something "peculiar" for the RPG genre, something that was born out of my head after hours of playing.

    Well, let's start...


    There is a lot of fans of RPGs and Fighting Games. What about unite both?

    This is my idea. A blend of both systems. It was born after I started playing MUGEN a lot, and I was thinking about how tedious sometimes the battles of some RPGs could be (mainly the ones like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, or strategy).

    So I said: Why not use a MUGEN (or the more know: Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat)-like battle? It's more dynamic and depending of the game story it could work.

    Well, enough of history. Now i will detail what the hell is M.U.G.E.N.

    *Please note i'm not requesting a straight port of MUGEN engine for RMMV. Only the concepts of the gameplay, which are similar in all fighting games. Besides that, MUGEN is closed source and i doubt Elecbyte will ever release the source code.*

    What is M.U.G.E.N.?

    According to Wikipedia:

    Now some videos showing exacly how MUGEN (and any game of this kind) works:

    (the vanilla character kung fu man)

    A mod for MUGEN adding Mario and related characters. Skip to 0:38

    Well its just for the interested scripters get a notion about how MUGEN works.

    The Plugin

    Now I will show the most important parts of this request:


    The Battle

    The battle would take 3 rounds, the first to win two is the winner. There would be a configurable time for each round, or no time using the infinite symbol like in the image. The yellow bar represents the character's HP and the blue bar in MUGEN is the Power Bar (an equivalent of this would be FF7 limit break or Chrono Cross elements unlockables), but in the plugin it can be basically the player's MP, but if the creator wants to add the power bar system it would be nice.


    Basically, all the player techs would be turned to combos. According to MUGEN wiki:

    Additional Elements

    Plus the things i said above, other elements that could be added in the system if possible are:

    Well, from my head is this. Sorry if i wasnt clear, my English isnt perfect.
  2. I think that would be sweet. I have no idea how it would be done, unfortunately.
    I don't think that would really be possible with RPG Maker.
  3. Well, in fact seems like its possible.
    In another forum a guy recommended MOG's LMBS, its quite similar but at same time too different of what i was thinking; for example, there is no HUD similar to MUGEN, instead the traditional player rooster is shown, and so on.
  4. It looks like I stand corrected.

    I know it's not exactly what you have in mind, but LMBS looks like it could be made into a fighting game.

    In the video, the damage and health look more suited for a Beat-em-Up, but I'm sure that could be tweaked in RM. The only thing it lacks are a round structure and timer. It won't have a traditional roster, but you wouldn't really need that in an RPG, would you? Plus, you could probably manage to switch characters around by changing your party leader in RM.

    The bars are different than in something like Street Fighter, but I don't think that's a big issue. They remind me of Smash Bros, which is another successful fighting game that most people are familiar with. It's not what you want, but it's definitely usable.
  5. There are more technical challenges to overcome, like rounds.

    Other think i was thinking is in every battle, when one of the active party members get knocked down other from the hero list is sumoned (like in Chrono Trigger).
  6. You can't exactly turn it into the Street-Fighter fighting game you want, but it seems like you could make a decent Tag-based fighting game with it.

    Tag games let you swap to another party member, and typically have only one round.
  7. While this is a very probable battle system or type of gameplay can be done in Rpg Maker, I suppose that if you are to create a fighting game in an rpg making engine, you'd be wasting a lot of time and might really cost you an arm and a leg to make it happen. See, the coder must really rely on changing most of the functions in the battle screen. In fact, should it be changed at the map, depending on how the coder would desire to change the game engine's functions.

    If you really want to make a fighting game, I guess Mugen or Game Maker is a much better choice. Also, if you do insist it to be on rpg maker however, I think requests like this might not be taken without some kind of commission. Most likely, most coders might not have that much of a time to dedicate for complicated plugins like these.
  8. #8 Xilefian, Jan 10, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
    I'll make this Plugin for you if you pay me a lot of money.

    Plugins like these are 100% possible. In the XP days we saw scripts that changed RPG Maker into a Castlevania platform style game, a fighting game Plugin is definitely possible.

    As is a first-person shooting Plugin, a 3D racing Plugin, a Tetris Plugin.

    The point has already been raised; why do this when there's engines better suited for this style of gameplay? If you want MUGEN, use MUGEN. But I do agree, RPG Maker's map navigation system and equipment system could make an interesting new type of game that blends fighting with RPG mechanics, but there's many gameplay challenges here, it's all very well making the Plugin but it will be very difficult to make a working game out of a genre mashup.

    A Plugin request of this scale will require time and skill and those with the skill may not have the time - so you may have to pay them for their time, which is valued based on what they're currently spending their time on and their skill, so I can't imagine this being a low-cost Plugin to pay for, I think I'd be asking for upward of $3,000, that being a rough estimate of how much time it would take to build this. If it takes more than a week, then you can probably double that cost.

    Someone may be able to hand-translate OpenMUGEN into Javascript and literally rebuild OpenMUGEN as an MV Plugin. That may be the best option.

    EDIT: Also keep in mind, getting a skilled Plugin writer to make this Plugin will subtract their time away from writing Plugins that the rest of the community can benefit from, they may be unwilling because the effort required would not match the appreciation from the community.
  9. Thank you for being the only one to get cut to the chase. I only want to do some comments:

    About the full engine translate to MV, i didnt mean to get a straight MUGEN port to MV. I only ask for a system similar to Mugen or other famous fighting games, like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat.

    At the end, MOG script is similar but not what i thought, because some things i've cited before like rounds and more "rigid" rules at every fight

    Anyway, it saddens me you only want to do clichĂȘ systems for MV because its popular between maker community and take other ideas for granted because is "too difficult" and the guy doenst pay you. If i had money of course i wouldnt ask here for this, i would find a professional game maker to do the full game for me.

    Thats why RPG maker gamers are so underrated: because makers dont want to experiment new things. Every game feels like a copy of an FF remake for android, with the very same story and another annoying systems. I didnt see any different system like CT's battle or other odd system apart of MOG efforts to do that ToP system.

    So i will stick the idea only on my dreams, without a solid brazilian community and zero time to learn MV EMACscript i dont have chance to make something on my own.

    So thanks you for nothing.
  10. Great attitude you have there...

    I mentioned the full MUGEN port because it may in-fact be easier than creating a brand-new clone - as bizarre as that sounds. Many of the crazy Plugins and scripts I've done have been translated from other programming languages because that's easier than starting fresh.
    I certainly believe you're more likely going to find someone who will port the existing MUGEN system to RPG Maker MV than make a fresh version.

    RPG Maker is exactly what it says on the tin: RPG Maker. The "cliché" Plugins exist because it's not as much work to make an RPG battle-system inside RPG Maker; it is a lot more work to make a battle-system based on a completely different genre.

    I somewhat agree that the creativity of the MV community is no-where near as the creativity of days-gone-by (which is why we don't see fantastic Plugins like a fighting-game battle system), but there's many factors to this that span the entire games industry.
    It would be wrong to blame the current MV community for their lack of creativity; it's more that creativity was the only option in days-gone-by.
    I think everyone agrees that creativity is born out of restriction, and in the old days RPG Maker was the most accessible choice, even if you didn't want to make an RPG, so that's why we had far more creative ideas in the old days.

    If you want to find games that aren't RPG clones, don't look at RPG Maker. You are correct in that the #1 problem RPG Maker games have at the moment is that they're all very similar and smell-like RPG Maker games, that is down to a lack of creativity, but complaining about this isn't going to change anything. The only thing that will change this situation is to learn the skills yourself and be the first to make these creative ideas.
    Complaints about lack of Brazilian community is the Brazilian community's problem; a new community can't be forced to exist without the interest first being there. I've seen this frustration a thousand times over the decade on all the forums that I've been on and that I moderate or administrate, it's never going to change until the community forms itself.

    If you lack the time to learn Javascript to write the MV Plugin yourself then you need to make the time. Your time is not any more valuable than anyone else's, even someone who is capable of writing this Plugin idea.
    What you're really complaining about isn't your lack of time, it's your lack of skills. Don't take out your frustration over your lack of skills on us; we all used to be in the same position as you - myself included - and we'd dream about fantastic ideas that we'd never have the skills to create. What some people do differently is they make the time to learn and they one day realise their dream or end up in a situation where their dream is no longer the best one, you really need to do this.

    I'm not going to reply further to this thread; I've said all that needs to be said and saying anymore would be going off topic.

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