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Making Menus and maybe even new systems on a Visual Coding Platform?

Discussion in 'Javascript & Event Design' started by ManoMike, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. I've been looking into trowing my game into Visual Studio, since there's seems to be people who managed to do it and it would be a blessing for more creative work lie custom menus and whatnot. Thus, I started to think... Is\Was ever a project to make a Visual Code editor specifically for RMMV? Like, a software that makes it easier to make custom menus due to real-time preview or even a design tool that would let me load a premade\empty script and design it visually, as if in an image editor, and then convert it to code In real time, just as dreamweaver is for html?
  2. The game itself is a real-time rendering of the environment. If you've got decent error handling and decent fallbacks available there's little reason why you can't just make a plugin to make a Visual Editor for MV. Maybe halve the resolution so the extra things can fit. Put a command line below it to manage the editor to the right of it. Implement some type of 'freeze until stable' semantics to override the default behavior of the engine when editing the scripts. It would be a lot of work, but it can definitely be done.

    I don't actually work with RPG Maker much at all anymore so I don't know if there is already such a tool.
  3. I don't know of any WYSIWYG editor or making windows or menus yet. LTN games has been working on an extension to play test a game right inside of visual studio code though. You can read about it on his site. The closest thing i have to a solution for that right now would be to setup BrowserSync (tutorial for that..) and use this plugin I wrote that can automatically load the a custom scene with your menu(and more).

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