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Mercantile RPG Idea

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by BlacksmithMV, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Good day! It's been some time since I've posted here, or ever done any work on RPGMV altogether, but I'm thinking it's time to get back into it. So what I had today is an idea which I think might work well given the low supply in the RPG community- but is there high demand?

    That's what the game I'm thinking of will be about, essentially; the art of mercantile within the RPG world. As we know, there may be an abundance of farming and high school simulators, but what about business simulators? Running an establishment which would be, at simplest, a shop- or at most complex, any other from a Tavern to a Church or so on. Heavy emphasis will be placed on the practice of mercantile and, given that I work in retail these days, I know just enough to pass a fairly-accurate depiction given my basic understanding of how mercantile works.

    Now down to the point of things, there has been nothing devised yet- I wanted to post and see what people thought. But the player would basically be an aspiring merchant who can build a business in the RPG world. The first phase of complexity will be a simple shop where you can buy and sell goods to and from other merchants. Then I can complicate it a little more by adding gathering and crafting into the mix. Then if that works, I can further embellish by adding other routes of mercantile, such as lines of work dedicated to crafting (Weapons, armor, items), or innkeeping, or so on. Finally, the most complex and probably among the last of the goals in the RPG will be developing an employee system where you can get NPCs autonomously working for you.

    Now be aware, I at least have a vague idea of how the last function will work. In the past I've devised a living world system, in connection to a time system, where NPCs can live their lives and perform duties beyond just standing around, and won't actually be standing in the same spot every time you enter the screen. That work has been erased, due to a terrible issue, but the concept remains and it is feasible.

    And that's it. Future plans? Broadening the scope. A side-game where you could live and survive as a vagabond in the wilderness is an option, just as much as playing as someone in power; like a governor or king in charge of a village or town or city.
  2. I am actually working on a large merchant project, with a large team. We have even made different categories of merchants and the main player character can be hired and/or hire NPCs, depending on their LEADER skills.

    I look forward to seeing more of your concept.
  3. Sounds pretty cool. Coding would half of the battle though, and I don't know if you're a coder. If you want to make an economy-based RPG Maker Game, it would just require a lot of scripting, event know-how, and a lot of work to put in variables and outcomes and other things like that. It's not easy building an economy game. That genre of games is very complex.
  4. I like the idea! I'm working on something similar right now. It's really not that difficult, 99% of it could be done with events. I'm assuming you'd have to let the player upgrade their store/do something with the money?

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