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Tileset Moravia City Work

Discussion in 'Resources in Progress' started by Ronivan, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. #1 Ronivan, Jul 30, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
    So hello everyone again! I didn't thought I was ever going to return here to publish any more work, since back then I decided to give up doing MV stuff. But I have returned on doing some works on MV (at least trying) and started some project just to test my tilesets and bellow are some pieces of a city from my project, called Moravia:

    Before anything else, let me just say that just the main building and structures are my work, objects, trees and furniture are not my work and they are present here just a sample in my project, and I have no intention about claiming that which is not mine, so if you see a work that you made is present here, please let me know so might I correct the post commenting your work and give proper credit, as well as linking it to your post so everyone might know from where it came.

    so here it goes:

    This is Moravia City Entrance, as you will probably notice I didn't used any kind of dirty overlay on the flooring in this one. Also the Cliffs, Grass and leaves textures are not my work, I used them just for sake of sample in my project.

    Moravia City Entrance: again the green stuff are not my work, I used some materials I had to make it. I still need some better employment of the roofs, they are bit to simple for me. This one I used some kind of dirty layer and also some very simple shade. Also that tricky flooring in the upper section is not my work, I just ''reworked'' it from a RMXP I had, I don't know who is the autor so I could give him credit for this very interesting pattern of flooring.

    Moravia City Alley 1: this one is just an alley from one of the exits in the entrance.

    Moravia City Section 1: this is like a northern section of the city, just a small spot with a blacksmith store and an upper path that leads to the north wall of the city and a lower path that leads to a Guild Keep. Don't mind the missing doors, they are supposed to be present as events in the maker.

    Keep path: this leads to the keep where I plan to create some kind of guild. Again, vegetation and cliffs are not my work, they are here just as a sample.

    Keep Interior 1: this just a small room just entering the keep. I tried some sample from medieval castles interior, so I did my best trying to create some nice pillars and arches. Floor here and the counter surface texture are not my work.

    Keep Inner area: so this is the keep inner most area. I thinking about a nice way to place the objects and try to make some social area for guild members. There's a small spot in the upper floor there that is empty, that's because the Guild Board will be there. Again, the flooring and objects there are not my work, I just tweaked them a bit to my needs. This is also my last work.

    This is one section of Moravia City Northern Wall, the wall in this part is actually composed of 4 parts (yeah I'm making a big d#$% city). This is the wall during the day time.

    And this is another section of the wall during daytime:

    This is another sample of interior, this is an item shop. I used lot's of objects here, from many different works, so please let me know if I made use of anything that belongs to you here, for proper credit.

    If for unknown reasons any of the imagens above don't load, something that is happening a lot with my posts from Deviantart, here are the links for every image posted above:

    Moravia City Gate: http://orig09.deviantart.net/a4bb/f/2017/136/d/3/moravia_city_gate_by_ronivan-db9h6xz.png
    Moravia City Entrance: http://orig08.deviantart.net/92fd/f/2017/161/f/4/moravia_city_sample_2_by_ronivan-dbc7sbb.png
    Moravia City Alley: http://orig04.deviantart.net/70b3/f/2017/190/4/6/moravia_city_alley_01_by_ronivan-dbfp8bg.png
    Moravia City Section 1: http://orig13.deviantart.net/50f6/f...city_northwest_section_by_ronivan-dbh2ybo.png
    Keep Path: http://orig04.deviantart.net/0fd5/f/2017/205/4/3/moravia_city_keep_passage_by_ronivan-dbhibpl.png
    Keep Int.: http://pre07.deviantart.net/1d41/th...e_keep_entrace_darkned_by_ronivan-dbhnpr6.png
    Keep In. Area: http://orig05.deviantart.net/9836/f...llione_keep_inner_area_by_ronivan-dbi1jo7.png
    N. Section 1: http://pre11.deviantart.net/739e/th...city_north_wall_day_01_by_ronivan-dbi6ef8.png
    N. Wall Section 2: http://pre09.deviantart.net/f7c2/th...city_north_wall_day_02_by_ronivan-dbi6dsj.png
    Item Shop: http://orig10.deviantart.net/968c/f/2017/210/9/1/moravia_itemshop_by_ronivan-dbi6eog.png

    So that's it! Hope you guys liked this work, also I thank everyone that made all these objects and furniture because without them this would be just an empty canvas. Don't mind missing doors, they will be present in the maker by events, also let me know if anything good or bad about this work, every suggestions helps a lot. I'm still learning how to build these structures, this is just a small part time work I've been doing, mainly because I'm very depressed right now and working on this helps a lot for me to ease this depression. Also if anyone is wondering if this will be for free, yes it will, when and if I finish this work, I'll not ask for anything from it beside credit.
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  2. These look great. I like the medieval feel to it.
  3. Made some experiments for a new village, so this is one house, probably an pub:

    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 20, 2017, Original Post Date: Sep 15, 2017 ---
    New edit for the same house, looks better for me:
  4. I really like the lighting effects that are presented on these images. Very well composed and very well done. :)
  5. Hey thank you. As you can see I'm a bit addicted to arches. I like to place those everywhere. I'm looking forward to make a Steampunk Victorian style buildings and stuff soon, and I know I'll get a stomach ulcer because of that.
    Thanks again!
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 6, 2017, Original Post Date: Sep 22, 2017 ---
    Small tree table sample here:

    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 10, 2017 ---
    And here another idea for interior design, I'm still working on it:
  6. Hey! This looks amazing great job! I am a bit confused though... what will be available to us to use in our projects (commercial and non commercial)?

  7. Yes it will be for free for any kind of project, commercial or not.
    Yes it will be free for any kind of project, commercial or not. I'm not making these aiming to get incomes, it just a small time hobbie, and as such, my work on these are very slow. However I must warn, this tiles are not like the standard RMMV tilesets fully organized and ready to be placed, these are fully fragmented and require photoshop or other similar program, to be used. I have no idea yet how I'll organize them to post here for everyone to use, I probably need some help sorting out all these fragments.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 1, 2017, Original Post Date: Oct 24, 2017 ---
    New things in the interior:


    I used some old RMXP ivies there, felt nice. I'm thinking about the fireplace there, it turned a bit strange in my opinion.
  8. love the ivy and the fireplace is quite nice too :)
  9. #9 Ronivan, Nov 2, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
    Thanks! So just to show the mess that my workspace is, I decided to post the actual things I've done so far and used in the recent sample works, it looks like this:


    I call this "workspace" since its where I usually make all these small bits and pieces, and then put them together later. I don't know if its correct just to post this crude work, but it is what I made so far. Feel free to use it in anything you want, I'm making more and more stuff now. It's free of course, but please don't claim this as your work. If you make anything out of this, please show me I just want to know how it looks like in others work too!
  10. Absolutely amazing tiles. Very very nice work! Wish I knew how to compile all the buildings into tilesets. I have a lot of time on my hands and I would love to. I am a noob though. :( Lol
  11. Thanks, for these. I'm trying to put them into tilesets now. I will definitely be using these in a future project with credit to you.
  12. Thank you. My first experiences in making these I did by making actual tilesets, but I found it to be a bit too troublesome in the end. I decided to keep this splited so it would allow more flexibility when making the complete objects like houses. I would recommend you make some kind of complete objects or like complete modular houses so you can combine then together for later uses. You can note that colored grid blocks there, I used them to keep the symmetry like pars of pixels. I also use Photoshop 48 Pixel grid, but I find also useful to have these in the background while working.

    If you feel its ok, I supose I could upload too the previous buildings of Moravia just like I did with these, but they more a lot more bigger and I think I should organize it a bit first.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 13, 2017, Original Post Date: Nov 8, 2017 ---
    I know this may be unrelated to the main buildings, but I was trying to make some kind of forest with the materials I had, so here how they turned out:


    I must say that none of the materials I used to make these were done by me. I just wanted to make some dungeon like environment.
  13. I'm still working on getting them put into tilesets. Having a problem with the windows, but will try to figure it out. I'll try making some completed buildings with these in Photoshop and see how they go in the editor and in game.
  14. #14 Ronivan, Nov 14, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
    Oh sorry, I should have also made some building samples. Here are the ones I have made and used in my city parallax:

    I should comment that I use a lot of improvisation to fit things together, some pieces cannot be just placed, they need a bit of work and shade some times. I should also say I have no idea if the way I make tilesets are right or wrong and just went on Photoshop and started making things trying to figure out the best way to sort them. I'm thinking about making some kind of video tutorials in future, but only after I learn more about Photoshop and texture making.
    I'll make more of these custom builds and post them here too.

    Quick question: about the parts I used in Moravia City, I have sorted parts in 3 big png. files, should I just post them here or make a new post for them?
  15. You could probably post them here. I may just make some pre-made buildings and put them into a tileset, that way you could just take them and place them in-game. I'm still trying to learn parallax mapping, but getting better at it bit by bit.
  16. #16 Ronivan, Nov 15, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
    So be prepared for a fragmented tileset nightmare, these are Moravia parts I have made:

    I would have posted the image as the others, but seems I can't. I don't know why they don't show up here.
    So here are the actual link of them in Deviantart:



    Far better than my first works, I tried to provide a singular architecture style rather than a generic medieval style that we see in some tilesets. I've choose the Romanesque Architecture and tried my best to stick along it. You can see for the angles of the roofs they were not meant for cold weather were it may snow, they were made for a more temperate climate, perhaps like Mediterranean climate, although there's lots of details that differs Romanesque Architecture depend on where it was used, like you may find difference between Italy Romanesque and Spain Romanesque. I noticed that after gathering around 500 pictures through web trying to get as much sample as possible. I really loved the time I expend in making them, and I'm hoping to get back in to Gothic style again soon.

    As I said before, these are free to be used and modified as you wish, but please, don't claim this as your own work, I just want credit for making. I'll keep up making things like this and I hope to get better and better and provide even better Tilesets.
  17. The lighting effect through the trees looks really cool. The ground detail on the grass also looks really good.
  18. I'll have to pull up Photoshop and make some towers and castles with these. They look great.
  19. #19 Ronivan, Dec 1, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
    So I made a lot of trees in the last days, and here some example:


    I made each and every branch individually, the bigger tree had 18 branches and the small 15. First time I actually made a tree only by myself (including the leaves).

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