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More Base Stats

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by Arekushisu, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Hi there !

    That's my first post, i hope i will not make any mistake ^^ If it's the case, feel free to correct me. Also, english is not my native langage so i could make some strange sentences, sorry my advance :)

    I'm here cause i need to find a way to add more Base Stats to my game.

    I have some really complexes mecanics that need a lot of actor's linked's values.
    I try to do it with variables and it work well but only for a solo game...

    If i have multiple actors, variables would grow too much cause each actor will add his own variable value to the variable...

    Anyone know if there is a solution ?

    PS: I tryied BOB_CustomStats but for some reason, it always return 0 in battle. Due to my complex mecanics, i must use the <damage formula> note tag from Yanfly's plugins.

    I also use a ton of Yanfly's plugins, and some little others. Everything work perfectly actually.

    Thank's by advance !
  2. For anyone interested in, i found a solution by using Special Params and change their formulas to make them like a base state.

    Ask me if you want to know how.

    (You can use them into a damage formula (like : value = a.atk*(a.mat/b.grd) - b.pdr) for exemple)
    They would be calculated not as a %age.

    PS: Sorry for double poste...

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