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Move Ask Me Anything out of Introductions and Goodbyes

Discussion in 'FORUM Feedback, Suggestions, and Help' started by Xilefian, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. I noticed that a high number of new users are posting simple, introductory posts into the Ask Me Anything sub-forum.

    Their intention may be to post a valid AMA thread, but there is some ambiguity in the usage here. I think the description "All AMA posts go here. Get to know your fellow members a lot better!" confounds the issue further.

    If any AMA post is a first post with "Hello, I'm new" then I think a failure has happened - otherwise, we might as well get rid of the Member Introductions and Goodbyes section entirely and merge all the posts into Ask Me Anything.

    I think the solution is to move the Ask Me Anything sub-forum out of Member Introductions and Goodbyes and put it in the Community Center along side it, so when new members click on the "Member Introductions and Goodbyes" they are not confused by being presented with any further sub-forums.
  2. Bloop. Done :) Though now it's side by side the Member Introduction, so I just hope it doesn't confuse people even further.
  3. I appreciate the move too. :)

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