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Multiple Message Windows port for MV

Discussion in 'Resource Request' started by vico, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone.

    First things first: I want to apologize for my toxic behaviour back in this topic: I wasnt im a good mood those times and thank god now things became better here.

    So, back to the topic: Back when i used RMXP, I was amazed with Multiple Message Windows, a RGSS script which let you to have more control of message system plus add the ability to make speech bubbles using simple Show Message commands.

    Here is an excerpt of the README:

    Script Usage:

    Code (Text):
       Local (specified in message itself and resets at message end)
      - \L = letter-by-letter mode toggle
      - \S[n] = set speed at which text appears in letter-by-letter mode
      - \D[n] = set delay (in frames) before next text appears
      - \P[n] = position message over event with id n
                * use n=0 for player
                * in battle, use n=a,b,c,d for actors (e.g. \P[a] for first actor)
                  and n=1,...,n for enemies (e.g. \P[1] for first enemy)
                  where order is actually the reverse of troop order (in database)
      - \P = position message over current event (default for floating messages)
      - \^ = message appears directly over its event
      - \v = message appears directly below its event
      - \< = message appears directly to the left of its event
      - \> = message appears directly to the right of its event
      - \B = bold text
      - \I = italic text
      - \! = message autoclose
      - \? = wait for user input before continuing
      - \+ = make message appear at same time as preceding one
             * note: must be at the start of message to work
      - \@ = thought bubble
      - \N[en] = display name of enemy with id n (note the "e")
      - \MAP = display the name of the current map

      These are, of course, in addition to the default options:
      - \Var[n] = display value of variable n (note change from \V[n])
      - \N[n] = display name of actor with id n
      - \C[n] = change colour
      - \G = display gold window
      - \\ = show the '\' character
       Global (specified below or by Call Script and persist until changed)
      - message.move_during = true/false
        * allow/disallow player to move during messages
      - message.show_pause = true/false
        * show/hide "waiting for player" pause graphic
      - message.autocenter = true/false
        * enable/disable automatically centering text within messages
      Speech/thought bubble related:
      - message.resize = true/false
        * enable/disable automatic resizing of messages (only as big as necessary)
      - message.floating = true/false
        * enable/disable positioning messages above current event by default
          (i.e. equivalent to including \P in every message)
      - message.location = TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT or RIGHT
        * set default location for floating messages relative to their event
      - message.show_tail = true/false
        * show/hide message tail for speech/thought bubbles

      Letter-by-letter related:
      - message.letter_by_letter = true/false
        * enable/disable letter-by-letter mode (globally)
      - message.text_speed = 0-20
        * set speed at which text appears in letter-by-letter mode (globally)
      - message.skippable = true/false
        * allow/disallow player to skip to end of message with button press

      - message.font_name = font
        * set font to use for text
      - message.font_size = size
        * set size of text  (default 22)
      - message.font_color = color
        * set color of regular text (same 0-7 as for \C[n])
      - message.font_color_thought = color
        * set color of text used in thought bubbles (same 0-7 as for \C[n])
    After talking with wachuga, he declined to port stating it would be "so easy" to be done.
    So, anyone have interest in doing this? Thanks a lot!
  2. I hope it is ok to answer such an old topic ... but I'd really love such a feature and hope someone can port or remake it. I've found other "text popup" plugins (like the one from galv), but have the problem that they block player movement - which they shouldn't. And don't seem as customizable as this could be.

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