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MV.CO's First Game WIP Contest

Discussion in 'Projects Under Development' started by MinisterJay, May 9, 2017.


Select The Best Game WIP

This poll will close on May 25, 2017 at 9:15 AM.
  1. Camstratia

  2. Reflection

  3. Dreamstone Destiny

  4. Killer Gin

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey @Arythorn,

    So I take it you visited the official Killer Gin web site? I was hoping how good my game is (at the moment) would be more important than the fact that it is also playable on a browser.

    However, I am sure that your game will do just fine. Good luck and thanks for checking my game out.
  2. Well, both aspects play into it I guess - both how good a game is and how it's presented (for example, via a site such as yours) - in addition to this, you've received a lot of feedback and also have lots of update logs to show how the game is progressing actively!

    And hopefully I can start one project and stick to it, knowing me I'll soon forget about Reflection as I appear to have done with my other games I had previously planned...
  3. If you want your game to be played in browser deployment, there are many free hosting sites. I personally use itch.io . There may be even more entries, by the time the deadline comes. Even if a member gets a participation badge, that still helps his/her portfolio out.
  4. @MinisterJay How is itch.io for hosting RPG maker MV games? Good exposer? I use indiexpo.net and its pretty good and easy to use.

    @Arythorn Thanks. I put a lot of work and love into my game. It also has a fantastic mini-game included (farming and dating). Its a WIP and I have a lot in the works to show very soon, lots of awesome updates and huge game expansion. It should be done around December 2017. I put up a game developer log and game guide for people who love to follow progress. Thanks for all the feedback.
  5. ___________________________________________________

    There is now less than a day, about 23 hours. left to enter your Game WIP into the contest.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 15, 2017, Original Post Date: May 15, 2017 ---
    I have a dozen games on itch.io and some elemental images. I have not have any problems yet. One can have Windows, iOS, and Browser options for people to play/download.

    I have not tried indiexpo.net yet
    --- Double Post Merged, May 16, 2017 ---
    The time window for MV.CO's First Game Contest for entrants is closed. I will wait until Thursday, May 18th, to open up the voting. This couple days break will allow me to market this contest to get more involvement. I will now add voting rules to the opening post.
  6. Unfortunately the entry deadline was almost seven hours ago. This contest has been advertised for a week. Do not worry though, we will have more contests like this in the near future.
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  7. aw shoot, sorry about that... I haven't been on in a while, and I didn't see that... oh well... maybe next time...
  8. If you can check in even once or twice a week, you will see the latest contest in the notices on the top banner.
  9. Will do! I've been busy lately, but now that I'm not, I'll be on more and I'll make sure I don't miss anything else :)
  10. Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet (haven't read everything yet) or if you know, but the bottom half of your post is in a darker font. Didn't really know it was there until my mouse spazzed out and highlighted a part of it.

    The picture I uploaded shows what I see.

    Attached Files:

    • huh.PNG
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      137.7 KB
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  11. My background is white, so I did not realize that some have the dark theme, and could not see all of the words. I changed the font color, so I hope that helped out.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 18, 2017, Original Post Date: May 17, 2017 ---
    The 7 days voting window has begun. Remember to read all WIPs, and play those that have demos. Choose your vote carefully, as you will not be able to change it.
  12. where / how do we vote?

    **EDIT: Nvm, I found it lol
  13. I added what the badges look like for the contestants in opening post.

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