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MV Resource Link List

Discussion in 'Helpful Resources' started by LTN Games, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. I figured there is enough resources already for MV that it may be a good idea to have a nice handy list to help organize all of them, so I made this :)
    This will be updated daily or as often as resources are pushed out. It will include links to resources for MV by various artists.

    I've made the font smaller and added spoilers to some category because the list has grown fairly large for one page.
    Sin's Random Tiles (Sci-Fi)
    Cvrtis Edits( RTP edits, spooky stuff)
    Crazy Leens Resources ( Tiles, Icons, and charsets)
    Docs Tiles ( Recolors of RTP)

    Point08 (RTP Edits, Books & Bookshelves)
    Anime_Fusion( RTP Edits, and New Tree)
    TheHarmps Resources( RTP Edits, Books, Pictures)
    Chiara's Mv Resources(RTP Edits, Extra hand painted tiles)
    Petschko's Resources(RTP Edits, recolored trees, and dungeon rocks)
    S1vanuZ's Resources(RTP Edits, recolored trees, grass)
    EZ-Town Building (More worldmap village tiles)
    Haydeos Edit ( RTP Tile edits, and sprite edits)
    Zyphili Tile Edits ( Sci Fi edits Of RTP)
    Kaus' Resources(Sideview Roofs, SnowyBits,Damage Popup)
    PandaMaru MV Bits(Trees, Interior Fruniture)
    Luna Tiles (Exterior House, Interior Furniture)
    Mack's VX/Ace tiles Converted for MV (Decent set of mack tiles done with image resizer)

    Aindra's Sci-Fi Walls for MV
    Bigger and Better - Granny's Modern Exterior Tiles for MV
    Lazs MV Resources ( RTP Edits, Tile E Addon)
    Xyphiens Extra Signs ( More signs for shops)
    Slims Resources ( RTP Edits)
    Indrahs MV Tiles (RTP Edits, Expanded Nature)

    Generator Parts
    MV Child Generator Parts ( Children !,)
    Boku Generator Pieces( Cool cybords, masks, and variety)
    Edwards China Characters(Generator parts for china style battlers and faces,etc)
    Jacks Generator Upgrade ( A ton of generator parts!!)
    Mon's Generator Parts ( New style of hair,eyes and misc)

    Arc's MV Generator Upgrade v2.0(Variety)
    Fuzzy Demon Generator Parts(Beast Pack)
    Zheg Generator Parts (Old Man Parts)
    Sereth Generator Parts ( Wink Parts)
    Cronus MV Generator Add-On (Variety)
    Mu's Character Generator Pack ( Variety)

    Battlers( Not Sprite Battlers)
    Thalzons MV Battlers ( Animals, Bears, Deer, Hornet, etc)

    Sprites & Sprite Battlers
    Amazing Japanese Battlers( with faces)
    Xcom Resources ( Zombie Sprites)
    Soryns Space Stuff ( Futuristic tiles all new)
    Haydeos Edit ( RTP Tile edits, and sprite edits)
    Personigo's Resources ( Sprites, Battler Sprites)
    Hiddenone's MV Resoruces (Sprite battlers, beasts, elf ear parts)
    Slims Resources ( RTP Edits, Battler Sprites, Sprites)
    Vibrant Battlers (RTP Edits of defualt battlers)

    Defualt RTP Resized (1280x720)

    Shirois Facesets
    D'Art Resources ( A Few Facesets)
    Cronus ( Monstor Facesets)

    System ( Icons, Balloons, Weapons, other)
    Screech Numbers ( Damage pop up numbers)
    Soryns Space Stuff ( Futuristic tiles all new)
    Windies Gun Icons ( Sniper, Hand Gun and more)
    Battler Gun Set ( Variety Of Guns)
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  2. Dude...just...dude...wow...

  3. Not bad at all, they are good ^^
  4. Hahaha no problem, I know how useful these were to me when I went on the hunt for resources.

    Some are pretty bad ass, some are not so great, I even left some out of the list due to umm quality lol.
  5. I understand what you mean. They are not easy to do it without any base template at all ^^"
  6. Thank you! I will bookmark this helpful topic :D
  7. Updated the list with a few more links.
  8. Those monster face sets...good gravy. Those need to be picked up by Enterbrain and put into the main files lol.
  9. #9 Amysaurus, Oct 27, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2015
    They're just barely different from the art style. With a little color tweaking they'd be perfect *Q*
  10. Whoa, that's some pretty neat stuff there. Can't wait to see those resources in action. :D
  11. Updated the resource list. All new stuff starts at top of each list. The lower ones are older. Enjoy :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 31, 2015, Original Post Date: Oct 30, 2015 ---
    Another update, now some really nice Sci Fi stuff like a spaceship battler and new damage numbers.
  12. WOW. And it's all in prder and stuff. Thanks a bunch <3
  13. No problamo, sharing is caring <3
    Cheers :D
  14. Thank you for letting me know about the link issue. I updated the OP :)
  15. Wow!! I can't believe there are so many. Thanks a lot, will give these a look once I start getting into MV more. :D
  16. Updated added 3 more links. 2 of which are generator parts and really good ones. Cheers :D
  17. Could you add my sprite, is that okay?
  18. This list is only for resources not in our own database, usually found on rmweb.
  19. Hey, Maybe Custom Characters. :)

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