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Name one thing that you added to your MV Project today

Discussion in 'MV Discussion' started by Macro, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Added a custom title screen to my game, "Le Renard" (The Fox), and worked out a bit of story.
    Le Renard.png

    Also, got my new main character and her alter ego all set to go (read: medieval vigilante)
    Actor_KH02_02_1.png Fox_1.png
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 28, 2017, Original Post Date: Jul 24, 2017 ---
    Today, I mapped out the initial room the player spawns in. Still getting a hidden door to look pretty while appearing...
  2. I finally made a skill tree for my sister's character. It's completely mouse controlled and only used one mouse script for the entire thing.
  3. . . .i created the flashback part of the introduction scene of my game which includes
    1. 4 maps ( 2 for setting the ambience, 2 for the scenes )
    2. a few events : switches events, the actor events and dialogue events
    3. choosing the right se, bgs and bgm, graphics ( tbd, template for now )

    what should i do next for my project?
    1. complete the introduction scene ( 50% progress )
  4. Yesterday (and a few days earlier, as well) I:
    -finished a happy/contemplative scene
    -rerouted one section of Act 2, which leads into a more flowing area... literally.
    -included character development
  5. Did you draw that portrait? Or splice portraits from previous RPGM Games? Cause damn, that is one bootyful portrait! I recently added a new character, with spliced armor from a graphics pack...

    Attached Files:

  6. Haha, no, actually I got it from a VX Ace pack here:


    And I edited the second one to look more vigilante-like.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 20, 2017, Original Post Date: Sep 30, 2017 ---
    Just added two new boss fights!
    Oh, and now you can legally become a werewolf....
  7. I am working on a new type of game. There will not be any character images nor any battle views. I will be using a point and click mouse system. This project will address different lessons that could help people understand simple mechanics of trading and using business sense. Topics that will be addressed will include: slavery, discrimination, and conflict resolution. Being educational and fun at the same time is one of my goals.
  8. So my next MV project will be called "The Story of Me" which will tell a custom story about a single survivor
    of the Zeta Virus worldwide outbreak. The story takes place 12 years after it begins, and the player will be able to customize their backstory to fit them. How they choose it will determine how other events play out, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and who they've met as well as how they're viewed by other survivors. It's got a sort of "zombie" vibe to it, but they are just called Monsters, and look worse than zombies since they've been mutated by the virus, but it contracts the same way, bites, then fever, then reanimation and mutation.

    What's unique about this one, is I am literally not using any items/skills/equips/states/etc from the MV engine. The character will use a portrait instead of the faces, and the type of battle system will be that image and a monster. It will have a sort of dice roll which will randomize what happens that turn. Depending on your luck, the enemy could get closer (eventually leading into a bite attempt if too close) or you could do something to hurt or kill them relatively quick. Harder monsters will of course have a harder chance of taking them out (making how you decide what to roll on more important). So essentially, it should end up being a game with total replayability since no two stories will be the same. Some will encounter bandits, cannibals, monsters, or other survivor camps, while others end up ending in starvation due to lack of farming knowledge and so on. Harsh, but should be interesting enough if I can get all of it to work right.

    Oh, and pretty much all of the images are gonna be designed by me as well as most of the tileset assets. I will prolly use a larger character model than the default 48x48 too so I can add in more detail to the character. Gonna be a lot of work to tackle alone, but definitely something I am excited to attempt.
  9. #769 MistyDay, Dec 16, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
    i changed game to VN :P


  10. Today I added a scene that involved lots of events moving around (the events where characters, but I find events easier than using NPCs)
    Tomorrow I want to finish the first level of the game. I have spent the last 3 days working on 1 level, and I intend for there to be a lot more.
    However this is hard to do for me. I don't have a script or a plan or anything. I come up with the story as I make the game. I have to find a natural end to the level which could be forever from now. This one level already spans 7 maps and every tile set. From a castle to a house to a cave to a underground mansion to an underground cult hideout.
  11. #771 Sinnistar, Jan 5, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
    Today I got the groundwork for a short spinoff to Tales of the Lumminai. This smaller title is called Luminia and the Last Magician. The story will tell of where Luminia wound up after the events that took place at Castle Brighthold (Leon's story segment). I have the story idea in mind and have put together most of the base resources I will be needing to get it going. I plan on a 3 month ish project timeline for this one and hopefully it will end up with 12-16 hours playtime for the main story which is pretty decent for an Indie RPG. The game's world will be set in a more unique Steampunk/Fantasy style where magik has vanished because of technological advances. There is no similarity to the world of Oricai or Anticai, since this is a completely new world none of the TOTL characters knew existed. Since Luminia isn't Lumi from Oricai, she does not have a Lumminai companion or the ability to use Magik. She will have to adapt to this new world and finds herself thrown into a chain of events surrounding a young boy named Fayde.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to use the same battle system or attempt an action based one for this game yet, but it should be pretty nifty. If I go with an action based style, I plan on allowing for "Co-op" gameplay (something quite unique to RM projects but definitely possible with various Yanfly plugins). Anyhow, that's as far as I've gotten so far. Luminia will look different than she did in TOTL but the starting scene will be the after effects of what took place in Castle Brighthold, so we'll get to see some of what happened and if anyone else survived. Game 2 BEGIN! lol

    Edit: So after several hours I have a first draft for LALM's title screen. Any thoughts or ideas on how I can improve this title screen? It's a bit basic, but I think it sorta works for the idea I wanna go with. (They game is far more fantasy than anything else, so the magical looking forest was a fitting setting for it).

  12. Today I did nothing but think about the story line, past, present, and future of the island, lore, secrets and the actual plot, because making up the plot as I go stopped working for me. I have a base to set it up on, but I think tomorrow I will adjust several scenes to fit a few changes to the story.
  13. lol I know that pain. Making it up as you go is prolly the worst way to go about it, and you end up going back and changing it countless times because the idea changes. That's what happened with my first game, until I decided to start planning it out a quarter of the way in.

    Today I worked some more on LALM. I got the intro set up and ready to pick up where Luminia's story left off in the first game (which wasn't really much to it, since she was a non vital character in that section). In addition to getting the ball rolling on the idea, I've set up the plugins I plan on using and started a bit of the database (not sure on equips yet though or how I want my skills to work). I did figure out a very interesting way to make the game feature a sort of co-op setting for Luminia and Fayde. I also made the two main characters so they could be set up early. Luminia's appearance changes slightly after going through the Rift that the first game left off on. This is because the
  14. I don't see it as a pain honestly. I figured this was going to happen going into this project. I enjoy thinking about and reforming my stories. This game is related to a series of games I plan to create in the future, however, this is the last game in the series. I don't have a dead set timeline for this story (Aside from a beginning and an end), I like it being liquid and bending to how I want it to be. I have had this idea since I was 11 (I'm 15 now) and I finally have the chance to make it. When I change something that makes another something fit to everything else, it makes me extremely happy. So much so that it's impossible to see the long work of practically changing every line of dialogue in the game as a pain.

    Today I didn't work on the game or the story at all. Today I cleaned my room. I find this necessary to mention because my mess of a room has always been looming in the back of my mind, taking up some of my creative space. It was handicapping me from making something I would be proud of.
  15. Well, I say "pain" because if you're constantly reforming it, you're not making much progress overall. Reforming and re-eventing takes a lot of time which overall hinders a project. By having a solid thought out plan beforehand, this is eliminated. Sure, you may have to change some things slightly for new ideas to fit, but by having a planned out plot, you're already passed the hard part. I enjoy thinking of new ways to do things and other ways to make each segment flow better. I just don't want to fall into that same loop again where I have to constantly change everything as I'm already halfway in, which sucked because it made my first game take an extra 5 months to complete.

    Anyhow, today I began LALM's intro section. The game will be set in that "steampunky" fantasy world. The first faction introduced is the Xektor Alliance, which is a group that actively seeks to destroy anything with magical properties. The Royal Guard of this faction discover the Rift that Luminia arrived from and go seeking the source of this Rift. While the Rift disappears shortly after it was opened (because Planet Anticai was completely destroyed), they still noticed it and think it to be a new weapon created by the Resistance. The Resistance is the opposing faction for the Xektor Alliance, and they seek to collect and restore anything Magical. They are the group that is aiding the child who is the last capable person who can wield magic. Anyway, Luminia decides she must hide from the two guards who go to where the Rift opened in the sky.

    That's as far as I've gotten but I have some pretty good plans for how it will all flow together, so hopefully it looks as nice as I think it will. The Royal Guard has a convoy that was passing through the region while the Rift opened so they were pretty close by. After Luminia hides, they will move on passed her area and into the next map which is a small village on the outskirts of a forest. Luminia on the other hand, will end up going the opposite route for obvious reasons and she'll bump into trouble as well as find a gadget that the Royal Guard wound up dropping. That's where everything begins to fall into place, such as finding out about this new world and how no one else from Anticai arrived here (or if they did, they were killed as magic users).
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 10, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 8, 2018 ---
    Today I finished up the introduction in my game Luminia and the Last Magician. I've also took the time to rework my arrow and save crystal ideas to better fit this new world! Now I have full steampunky looking versions of both, and best part is, I'm gonna post them here for anyone to use! xD

    Other than that, I've gotten a better idea on how to make the events flow a lot smoother than they did in TOTL so it will be far less clunky and messy in the eventing window in general. I've also restructured the plugin parameters to fit this game (since I copy/pasted them from TOTL to keep the settings the way I wanted them). And lastly for the day, I've begun making the rest of the Tyaku Forest maps which completes the introduction area. The game itself will actually keep this region available throughout the entire game, and the world will be accessible like an open world game too from the start (although some areas will be really difficult to attempt fighting in, which brings me to my next idea). When you lose in battle, instead of game over, you'll be sent to the clinic in the nearest village (that you've visited of course). There you will be able to rest and recover to full health, but you will have a debuff that will slightly lower your defenses for a few turns in the next battle (it will be removed once the turns are up). Oh, I also managed to figure out exactly how to make a Co-op feature xP, it looks pretty nifty too, but still needs some refining to be how I want it.

  16. Today, I started a project named "T E M". T E M is an ent. I made the sv-actor, character, and faceset sheets for him. I added three orc enemies.

    I tested a summoning spell that I made. The spells calls a common event. The common event adds the summoned character to the party. After battle, in the win/lose option, I have it where all summoned characters are removed.
  17. Today, I opened MV and started working on maps, only to discover that I put my tilesets that I'm using in the wrong place. Now to go back and put things right!!!!!!
  18. Continuing my work on LALM, today I finished up the Tyaku Forest maps, the Lake, and the Wisplight Village maps. After that, I began thinking of ways to fully implement my Co-op idea and I believe I know how to do it using camera controlling plugins and movement ones to allow separate movement and occasional camera switching between the primary character and the "evented" second party member, Fayde. This system will allow me to create things like small spaces that only the child can go through, and other unique puzzles that require both characters to coordinate their movements together in order to progress in certain areas. Since the game world will feature a lot of Steampunk influence, moving machines is where this will come into play most. I will allow the player to choose if they want to do it co-op or not by placing a setting to control it, which will flip a switch depending on whether it's single or co-op gameplay. The second player will be able to move completely separate from the primary player, but the camera can only be switched by the main player. I don't think this has been done in such a way with an MV game yet, so I'm hoping it works how I believe it will.

    Besides figuring out how to do that, I've started implementing the quest tracker into the story I've got going so far. Upon finding the gadget that controls it, you will be able to track any and all quests received (something people didn't like that TOTL was missing, but the easy to use plugins for it didn't exist until I finished that game already). I've also continued the story into the first village, but the player will be able to explore the lake before even going to the village if they desire. I also created the idea for the major plot of the game, which involves power struggles between a giant alliance based nation, an old kingdom type nation that is at war with a technology based one, and a tiny nation in the center of it all that is being pushed to collapse under the pressure of the three larger nations. Being as I like freedom of choice, the player will be able to freely support any of these 4 nations throughout the game by doing various actions, completing quests, and overall just random things like communicating with their citizens or uncovering travel routes and sharing that info with their leaders. It should be interesting as a bit of side stuff to mess around with.

    Fayde will be introduced after Luminia stays the night at the inn in Wisplight Village. She will have to do some work for the owner of the tavern/inn, and it involved going out and delivering supplies to others as well as collecting special herbs the owner uses to cook with. Upon her trip to the areas where the herbs are found, she will hear a gunshot in the distance. Being as it's not a sound she's ever heard, she decides to find out what caused such a loud sound. That's when she'll notice a boy and an elder man being chased by members of the Xektor Royal Guard (they hunt down magik users). Seeing a child involved, she follows them and tries to intervene. Then tragedy happens and Fayde asks her to not give him over to the Xektor members. Since Luminia would never do such a thing, it ends in a fight, which puts the player at odds with the Xektor Alliance and it goes from there.
  19. That sounds really interesting.
  20. #780 Sinnistar, Jan 15, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
    I hope it works out how I have it planned xD It will look smooth and function perfectly if it does.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 13, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 12, 2018 ---
    So today I didn't get much done with LALM, but I did figure out the quest system and how I want it set up for the rest of the game. Just having this working is a huge step for the game since it was the one thing I was concerned about not being able to figure it out. With that out of the way, I went ahead with the story events that take place inside of Wisplight's inn. This will lead to the point where Luminia has a daily routine for a bit and then she'll wind up hearing a gunshot during that routine one day (about 3-4 days into it). That's when she'll run into Fayde and his current Guardian Joel. They are both being hunted by the Xektor Royal Guard who seek to completely eliminate magik from their world. The game will be officially passed the tutorial stage after that and the enemies will start appearing on each map to show as much. Luminia also gets her first weapon during the drama that takes place after she pursues the hunters and helps to take them out. Weapon is the player's choice. They get to have some fun picking their weapon. Anyway, that's what I did today, nothing too much but figuring out the quest system really was a relief since it was a highly sought feature in Tales of the Lumminai, but it was too late to add it in.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 15, 2018 ---
    Did some more work on LALM today. I got the Rumo Lake maps, West Tyaku Forest, and Wisplight maps all finished. I intend to implement fishing at the Rumo Lake in various locations after I redesign the way water looks. (I don't like it looking super shallow in all the types of water in the RTP so I'm thinking of making it like a pastel blue type to depict slight deepness like natural water would have). I've also added a dock, and will design a tiny rowboat type thing to let the player move to the big island in the center of Rumo Lake.

    So far there are two villages, one at Rumo and Wisplight. Rumo is like a waystation moreso than a town, and it is often patrolled by Xektor's Royal Guard since the region falls in Xektor's control. Once the player goes there (whenever they choose since it'll be available from the start of the game, yay freedom!) they will be able to chat with someone in the shop and upon exiting they will see a nifty cutscene of a bunch of soldiers passing by. This hints at a mobilization of the Xektor Alliance troops for upcoming conflicts between them and the other two nations. The player will receive a quest to find out why they're mobilizing, but they won't be able to complete it until the story progresses to that point since the region they need to reach will be in lockdown.

    Anyhow, lots of mapwork today, so I'm tired haha. I'll prolly end up making the ship and the other assets I need tomorrow sometime so that I have those out of the way. If I do, you'll likely see them show up here too for anyone else to use. I don't have any plans for exclusive assets just yet, but there will be some to keep the uniqueness of LALM later.

    Another addition for today. I've officially created a prototype for Co-op gameplay! I can summon player 2 and they can move separately from player 1. At the push of a button, the camera can swap between the two characters, allowing for a "Bounce" feature to be put in place for if there is no player 2, and it'll pan to player 2 if there is a player 2. Definitely rough still, but it works exactly how I thought it would! The next part will be more confusing, getting player 2's summon to account for non-passable tiles (tried using SRD's plugin for collision checking but it wasn't working with my MV 1.5.2 version so that won't do the trick) and also to allow for an action button that only player 2 can use. The second part there will come into play when Fayde will have to trigger levers and such since he can enter areas Luminia cannot because he's a kid. By setting up his own action button, I can also make it so certain NPC's will only speak with him. Only downside I can see, if that player 2 won't be able to handle the dialogue (unless someone can help me find a way to set it to another button during his dialogue if that's possible?). Work in progress, but definitely a unique system I'm setting up for Luminia and the Last Magician.

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