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Name something....

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by TruRevolution, May 14, 2016.

  1. Ok, here is the game. Think about the current project you have going or is working on.

    How do you relate to your main character?

    I'll go First... In my game, my main character fights for those he loves. He sacrifices himself for the better of those around him.

    Even if I can't relate, then I can admire him for it.
  2. My main character is generally weak-bodied, which I can relate to. However I don't relate to his more hard-working nature. Oops.
  3. My current project has no true one main character.

    However, going through the 3 main chars... to one - a very determined character, to the edge of lacking sense sometimes - I can hardly relate, except that I know the feeling that everything is too much for you. Yet I'd react different than her, certainly. ... to the next, I can relate because he loves knowing things just for the sake of it. ...and the last of the three is quite an emotional one, I can relate to her in the lack of focus, definitely!
  4. The project I'm working on has a very grumpy old man for a medic and I felt that we needed a Doctor McCoy.
    I probably moreso relate to the mage, Grace, in that you don't want to piss either of us off. :P

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