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Need help (LTN time engine, get weather to match the month)

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by KaineOfElderon, Dec 15, 2018.

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  1. I am trying to get an event to work via conditional branching, but I want it to only activate if certain parts of a script are true.

    Mainly the LTN time engine, trying to get weather to match the months(like it should snow between December and Feburary) and rain so on and so on.

    Just seems everything I do try fails. Tried coding it or modifying but I am not good on coding and seemed a dead end...almost ready to go the old school method of making a time and weather via common events

    Any ideas to prevent that?

  2. I haven't found a better solution than common events. I built my own time system from seconds to years using common events, including screen tint for evening through morning + indoor & cave tints with triggers for lights/torches/candles. I used scripts for a bit, but I encountered less issues by rolling up my sleeves and going old school. Sorry, I know this isn't much help.
  3. #3 CT_Bolt, Jan 4, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
    Setup the variables right away using a parallel event then enable self switch 'A'
    This set's the month to Game Variable #1
    As described in the help file using the word 'active" instead of "static" means the variable will auto-update to the current month.

    Set page 2 to to a blank page with the condition set to self switch 'A' to make sure it only happens once.

    To check for the month:

    Javascript used to check the variable for the month:
    Code (Javascript):
    $gameVariables.value(1) === "December" || $gameVariables.value(1) === "January" || $gameVariables.value(1) === "February"

    That should do the trick for ya. (cute)(thumbsup)
    Please let me know how it goes. (cool)
  4. Thanks CT_Bolt...though since this post I toyed more and then ended up going the old school method...actually got a little more invovled then I had planned, made each season have different times/tints, shop hours and so forth....even made it where the temp is colder at night like it is in real life.....much to the dismay of my wife but my kids loved watching me do it :-)
  5. Oh cool! No problem, does sound really cool. Glad you've got things working the way you need. (cool)(thumbsup)
    The info is there still if you need it later though. (cute)

    Happy Game Making! (icecream)

    Problem solved. Thread closed.
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