Need help showing Rewarded Interstitial Ads

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    I have ads in my game (not overboard and will be able to be removed via an in app purchase).
    I'd like a button that issues an in-game reward in exchange for watching a rewarded ad.

    I use adMob and currently attempting to use adColony for the rewarded interstitial ads.
    However I am really confused how to set it all up.
    I've been trying to follow this guide:

    I have my adColony account setup and have made it until the callback URL part.

    I do have the proper *.jar files in the libs folder and have set them as dependencies.
    I'm just having some trouble with the rest of the setup.

    I use android studio to build the signed apk.

    Could someone please advise how to show rewarded ads?

    Thanks for reading. (cool)(icecream)
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    I've solved this issue. I've used adMob I can post my code when I get home.
    All except for rewarded & non-interstitial ads play and work with just a few issues.
    The ads are only partly "clickable".

    Rewarded Ads:
    Close button works functions perfectly.
    Reward is distributed accordingly.
    Install/Ad Link that takes to google playstore doesn't work.

    Interstitial Ads:
    Close button doesn't work.
    Count down doesn't work.
    Install/Ad Link that takes to google playstore doesn't work.

    Any one else have any issues like this?

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