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Need some feedback/help with world dynamic concept & genetics

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by Tundra Foxie, May 15, 2017.

  1. Anyone know if MV can handle a breeding/genetics based system, or if it's been attempted or done?

    I'm looking into including a living ecosystem in my game as a main element. Animals will eat, drink, grow, breed, and such. And that will be able to generate quests when appropriate to manage populations, affect supply and demand, etc.

    Would it be possible to include genetic traits in such a system with RPG Maker? Or rather, SHOULD genetics be included in such a system? As I'm not currently looking to include 'survival of the fittest *or luckiest*', I may add it if enough uses for the traits can be thought up and coded in successfully. And yes, it would also include the NPCs gaining families, making babies, and dying of old age, if you play long enough.

    Such a system would mean a different game every time you start again. But, just because the player isn't there to do something about it, it will still get done. The entire world will be running itself. As a player, you'll be able to freely do what you want, and your actions will have a long and lasting effect on the world, all without having to script or event a specific story. You will literally be able to end the world by accident!

    Any thoughts/feedback on such a concept?
  2. This can be done through simple eventing. If you have a simple grasp of genotypes and phenotypes, that will help a lot. Knowledge of recessive genes will also be helpful. Throughout populations there are genes, where if you just have one of a particular type, the subject is just a carrier. It takes both male and female to pass on this particular gene to make the trait appear/work. What is your grasp on genetics and statistical probabilities?
  3. Science and biology have always been a love of mine. I'm quite knowledgeable in genetics. And while I may not be Vulcan, I'm pretty decent at number crunching. Being a Visual Mathematician is a plus for game making.

    My main concern is whether RPG Maker MV can handle the hundreds or thousand+ events on one map that would be required to do a realistic sustainable food web. Which is why I'm asking if it SHOULD even be done. I'm leaning more toward having all of the math done via event or script, and a few random animals shown when you travel through an area, or are specifically on a quest for them.

    I may work on a separate game that's just breeding. That in itself looks like it would be a nightmare with this system. It was fairly easy to do on Second Life.

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