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Never have I Ever... Forum Edition

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by DarcHiro, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Never Have I Ever
    Now you may have heard of the game Never have I Ever, but this is a little different to make a forum game. Okay, first off someone posts something that they have NEVER done and only someone who HAS done that thing before can post next. This is kind-of a way for everyone to get to know each other.
    Now for rules:
    1. Don't post anything that is really personal this is a forum and it is a quick way to make this game not that much fun anymore...
    2. Only post on when you've done that certain action before.
    3. Be nice, there are rules of the forum that people must abide by... they are there for a reason.
    4. Don't post about religion, politics, or anything else that might make other players feel uncomfortable.
    5. Have fun and be courteous.

    Now I'll start, Never Have I Ever... Played a Fallout Game...
  2. Never have I ever sung in public
  3. ...I do that all the time......

    Never have I Ever... Been to Europe.
  4. Hehe i live in europe and been
    Never have I ever finished making a game
  5. I just finished one called DinoQuest. It's only 2 minutes long, because I had to cut out all of the parts with dinosaurs due to lack of resources. You just walk through a town and listen to all of the bad puns the NPCs make. > : (

    Never have I ever played through gone an entire day without playing the air guitar.
  6. Well, that one is easy since I have gone through a day without doing an air guitar *imagines Amy doing that though*

    Never have I ever ate Sushi
  7. I tried sushi once but It wasn't good for me, but i plan to try again, for me when trying new food takes awhile to try new foods :P.

    Never have I licked a lampost in winter.
  8. way to kill the game chibi... LOL gonna twist the rules here so the game can continue. I don't know anyone who has done that, but that one kid from Christmas Story has!

    Never have I ever been able to swim
  9. Well i swam alot when i was a teenager I learnt when i was 14 lolz.

    Never have I ever been able to draw arts
  10. Heh. Heheh. Heheheh. My self-deprecation is finally worth something. Fun.

    I was going to say it the other way like "Never have I ever been able to draw better on digital than on paper" so I could finally find someone like me...
    But... I have only seen people who say they're better on paper. ;-; AM I ALONE IN THIS WORLD?

    Never have I ever been able to draw better on paper than on digital.
  11. Compared to my paper drawings my digital ones are terrible. How does digital art work anyway?? It looks so different from my traditional stuff.

    Never have I ever been able to finish a Final Fantasy game (cry)
  12. I have finished ff4,7,8 :P

    Never have I ever made a fangame
  13. I've tried that and failed. XD

    Never have I ever been overseas.
  14. I've been to America, which is overseas for me.

    Never ever have I offically published anything.
  15. I have two poems published in poetry books. x3 One book which I own.

    Never have I ever tried to breakdance.

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