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[paid] [$400] Hiring Developer for Ghibli Fan RPG

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by J.Rodrigo, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. *NOTE: This is a paid indie project. I'm not claiming to be from Studio Ghibli.*

    Hey everyone! It's my first time posting here and I acknowledge I'm a newcomer on this board so thanks for letting me join :) I read through the forum rules so I believe I'm posting in the right place, but if there's a better spot for this please let me know. I also posted this job on other sites but also wanted to post here since this is specific to RMMV. Thanks!

    Anyway, I'm looking to hire a Developer/Designer to help create an unofficial RPG adaptation of the movie WHISPER OF THE HEART by Studio Ghibli. The game will not be sold or anything-- I am just giving it as a gift to my sister (this is her favorite movie). I love RPG Maker and have made games w RM2k3, but that was a while ago and my skills are pretty basic, so I'm hoping to hire a freelance developer to help make this happen.

    This is an unofficial adaptation but the job itself is paid. Payment is $400 for the entire project. Before we get started, we'll agree on a timeline for how long the project will take (based on your recommendation) and we'll set up checkpoints along the way so you can get paid while in progress. You'll be credited as the lead developer/designer (or however you want to be credited), and will have significant creative direction over the game. I also like to think this would be a fun addition to anyone's portfolio, given the awesome source material!

    The game will be a classic RPG (in the style of EarthBound, Dragon Quest, SuperMarioRPG, early Final Fantasy) and should be created using RPG Maker MV since I need the final output to be playable on MacOS. It should have some original maps and graphics, but doesn't need to be anything too fancy. I'm also fine if you use/adapt existing resources from RTP, the movie itself, and whatever resources you prefer. The gameplay doesn't need to be difficult or complex--in fact, simple is better. A linear game path and standard gameplay conventions are all perfectly fine. I have a more detailed outline of the game that I can send to you via PM, but overall the most important things are simply these:

    (1) The game is fun to play
    (2) It keeps the general plot points, characters, and themes of the original movie
    (3) It keeps has the look and feel of the original movie, including whimsical tone and sense of humor as the Ghibli movie. It can even be a bit self-aware if you wish. Some game inspirations I have in mind are EarthBound, SuperMarioRPG, and PaperMario.

    PM me if this sounds like an interesting project to you. I'd love to see samples of your games. *Major bonus points* if you love Studio Ghibli films!


    p.s. Here is a screenshot of quick 1-hour prototype I made for the game. As you can see, it's pretty elementary, which is why I'm looking to hire someone here!

  2. I'm not sure, you're looking for someone who will create for you the entire game with you? Like someone with multiple developing skills?
  3. Are you looking for someone who has multiple released games?
  4. Hello! I realize that this is nearly a year later, but I am interested in helping you create this project. I just recently finished the first chapter of a game of my own and I'm skilled in writing, basic functions, some java script, and the RPG MAKER MV engine. I'm also skilled in other types of programming. Please let me kow if I can still be of help with this project. Thank you.

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