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(Paid) creature integration plugin

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by sefeloth, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Creature is a program that makes animations. With help from poryg, I have a project that can play these animations (see here). What I need is a plugin that can play the animations (from creature) that i have and stop playing it when i tell it to. (on map only. i do not need this to work in battles). It will also need to be able to load 6 animations.

    There is a similar plugin called dragonbones that basically does what I want but it uses a different program.

    I will send you the project that can play these animations to figure out how to call an animation to play and stop it. There is code in the dragonbones plugin that does everything i want, but I lack the programming knowledge to convert it to work for creature. Most of the work is already done if you could convert it, but if you think its simpler to do it a different way then that works too. I will pay $30 for the plugin.
  2. i found someone

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