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[PAID] Everything For Momo - Seeking Experienced RPG Maker MV Mentor

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by Prance, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Synopsis & Goals

    "Everything For Momo" is a drama driven tale about a witch named Rin who travels to many far-off lands in the hopes of gathering enough resources to mend Momo, her black cat that has fallen ill. The game is intended to be narrative driven only with no combat akin to "To The Moon".

    The goal is to develop a very quick prototype using a 5 color Gameboy palette and once we're happy with the narrative, set pieces, etc., we would move on to redoing the art in full color.


    We're looking for a Jack-of-all-Trades at the moment. Pay is hourly. Primary help for the first few hours would be set around answering questions I have regarding using RPG Maker MV on the whole. Once we're past that stage we need one experienced mapper to guide us through the process of making autotile compatible tilesets. We're still new to this so any guidance would be fairly rewarded.

    Experience: You should have at least one completed game we can play and review.
  2. Bump to get some talent in here. Best of luck!

    Btw there are autotile tutorials out there in the event you find an interested artist who hasn't worked with them yet. It's a bit tricky to get set up, but once you understand them they make sense and can be created readily (though they're still more time-consuming than other kinds of tiles).
  3. I'm available if you still would like help.
    I just finished doing a plugin commission for ScreampunkArts so I'm looking for more work. (cool)(thumbsup)

    As for experience I've been using RPGMaker (95, 2000, XP, VX(ace), MV) for over 15 years but sadly only ever published 1 game using MV. I'm really not that proud of it anymore honestly and have abandoned the project. It was really a test of skills and what I learned more than anything... well anyways here it is: https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/tap-android.1415/

    As far as skills in general for RPGMakerMV I can do many things such as...
    • Code java, javascript (and link the two, useful for mobile dev.)
    • 3D Modelling
    • Eventing
    • Mapping
    • Misc graphical needs
    • Some audio skills like sound effects and such
    • Database Setup
    • Storyboard
    Let me know if you're interested in my help. (icecream)
  4. Sure, lets talk. What's the best way to discuss things? Discord?
  5. Yup sounds good. I like discord. (cool)(thumbsup)
    My discord contact is CT_Bolt #7222
  6. Sent.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 29, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 29, 2018 ---
    I've added you. Waiting for you to accept.
  7. [​IMG]
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 15, 2018 at 4:49 AM, Original Post Date: Oct 8, 2018 ---
    We're now hiring a pixel artist. Get in touch if you're interested.
  8. PMed you
  9. Added you on Discord.

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