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[Paid Request] [100$] Character Selection Plugin

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by Snow91, Sep 2, 2018.

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  1. Hi Guys! :)

    I am in Need of an Plugin Artist.
    Currently I am working on a bigger Project which involves tons of selectable Characters.
    I would love to have a nice Looking way to choose between those Characters. The artistic way i have in mind what it should look like is this:


    Only the circle is important to me - which should be includeable with Actor faces.
    Once one character is selected, he should be somehow get lighted or get bigger - so the Player knows which one he currenty Looks at. Inside of the Circle I Need some informations like: Character Name, Character Class.
    Per Circle there should be About 10 Characters to fit.

    Now it gets a bit tricky.
    Because I have so many Characters, there Needs to be a way for me to make as many "Cicrles" as I Need. Maybe you can add inside the Plugin Manager some possibility to add such Circles. With a Plugin Command I could refer which Cirle I currently Need.

    I have no idea how much effort you guys can put into such a Plugin - and how much you'd like to get Paid for it.
    But if anyone would want a higher amount - feel free to ask for it, and let me know what you are willing to do.

    Once I have recived a functionable, finished product, you will get Paid the full amount.
    We can also make a previous payment if needed (But only if you have something to Show + you have some Kind of Reputation.

    I hope someone has the interest into creating something aswesome :D

    Best greetings,

  2. I'm interested. This does however sound rather complex though. Therefore I cannot tell how long it would take...

    Have you still a need for this?
  3. Hi CT_Bolt

    Thank you very much for your Reply. Currently it's been worked on this project. But thanks again for offering ur time! :)
  4. No problem. (cool)
    So then I can close this thread correct?
  5. Yes, thank you :)
  6. Ok will do. (cool)(thumbsup)

    Thread now closed due to this request being filled.

    Let me know if you need it reopened.
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