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Plugin Pixel Movement

Discussion in 'Resources in Progress' started by Xilefian, May 6, 2017.

  1. This is definitely a work-in-progress Plugin and there's definitely no release - preview or otherwise - available at the moment.


    Click to see longer video


    The idea behind this Plugin is to take the first step towards a complete 3D maps Plugin. Originally, I was working on 3D maps, but there's so many smaller problems to solve first, so I've decided to spend my weekends solving these problems as individual Plugins on their own.

    Pixel-accurate (and sub-pixel!) collision detection is one of these features.


    The first thing I did was check out if other, similar Plugins already exist. I found Super Orange Movement, an abandoned Plugin that's rather buggy and restricted.

    I was unable to find any other MV Plugins that allow pixel-movement, which is surprising as pixel-movement scripts in older RPG Maker versions were very popular. If anyone knows of any MV Plugins for pixel movement, please tell me of them.



    The collision physics are not handled by the Game_Character; any Game_Character with pixel movement enabled can have a collider object attached to them; when moving with pixel movement the collider itself is what calculates the movement, not the Game_Character.

    This means that different types of colliders can be used. At the moment I have a "box collider", which allows a single bounding-box of any size to be used for calculating the collision.

    You can even have large colliders, so a Game_Character can be two tiles wide and unable to move down paths that are one tile wide, perfect for large-sprites or perhaps even if the player is inside a large-vehicle.

    This also allows colliders to be created of varying shapes. I plan on creating a circle collider, which will allow the collision detection to slide and "guide" the player into gaps if they are slightly misaligned (will make moving around easier). I also plan on supporting multiple colliders on a single Game_Character.


    This Plugin can be enabled/disabled at will. When disabled, the Game_Character will slide back onto the grid and revert to default movement, which is going to be helpful for choreographing cut-scenes (disable pixel-movement, move the player along tiles, enable pixel-movement, move the player along pixels).

    This Plugin can target any Game_Character, which means the player can have pixel movement, as-well as events and vehicles.

    Collision debug mode

    This is an additional Plugin right now, but it is very useful. This renders the colliders as shapes on the map, so you can see for yourself exactly how the collision is working.


    Any feature suggestions are entirely welcome!

    Considered features

    There are a few nice-to-have features that I am thinking about, but have no plans to develop at the moment.

    Map collision

    At the moment, I'm planning on sticking to the regular old grid for the map movement. Map collisions will be difficult (how would you define the colliders for map tiles?). There's a lot to think about with this one.

    For now, I think events should be the only ones that can have custom colliders, which means that events with map-tiles can be used for complex geometry on the map.

    Bitmap collision masks

    Javascript sucks for this one due to performance. There's a lot to think about, especially if you want the collision masks to "guide" the player, similar to the circle collider.

    If I were to do this, it would need a lot of development to find a suitable method (Right now I'm thinking about using polygon colliders that generate at a fixed resolution around the bitmap, but there's a lot of problems to solve here).

    Current progress

    I spent a couple of weekends investigating the most ideal way for me to implement this Plugin, which resulted in a lot of experiments being done and general discovery of what the challenges and problems are.

    I'm now building a working (not-test) version that uses my findings and ideas. I want this to be as clean as possible, so I am going to take my time and make sure everything works fine.

    Right now, pixel-movement can be toggled for any Game_Character and they can move off-grid and collide correctly with the map's grid. Events are not working at the moment, that is the next thing for me to work on (event collision and event triggers).

    Vehicles and followers are also not working. My idea is to re-write followers to use a different method of following the player (I'm thinking distance-based).
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  2. Quadsi's movement plugin has had this feature for a while
  3. Thank you very much for telling me this, I have not see Quasi's Plugin before.

    I downloaded and tried it out, changed some of the settings to configure it as much as possible, but I've found it still has many bugs. For one, non-collision events incorrectly have collision by default. The movement correction does not work along a lengthy span of tiles. The collision is not pixel-perfect, it seems to "push" away from the colliding object, rather than slide and correct along its surface normal.

    It pretty much has all the features and ideas that my Plugin has, which is a good insight in what to do and what not to do. It's given me some good pointers on what to avoid.
  4. Ok, so, glad that i helped you something. At least that plugin of his works flawlessly on my project although with all the flaws you mentioned. But if you can make a better plugin, i'm very eager to see the outcome, lol.

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