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Project Recruitment

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by civoxlevoxie, May 15, 2018.

  1. Hello people! You can call me, Vox!

    I have a pretty big thing to tell you, hope you will read it till the last.

    I registered yesterday, so yeah i'm pretty new here. I came here with a reason, basically i'm a writer, not a game maker etc. But i tried to work with some RPG Maker software, just i can't understand and use it in the best way. So i'm here to find someone or some people to join my project and help me in making a game. This game i wanted will be based on the story i'm working on. So in easy way, i'm just a writer with a bunch of idea. And i need someone or some people (I don't need them that already tried this software for long or anyone that is already a professional one). Just anyone who think knew the basic (or will want to learn till they can, and not going to stop in the middle of the project) and want to try to make the game, then you can join it.

    This game will be based on my story, and for the rest it's all your parts. Let's say, i'm not telling you to make a game for me. I'm telling you to make a game, based on my story. So i meant, once this project's done. I only own the story, you own the game. But we don't take it in different pack, we came out as one packet. It's not mine 100%, not yours 100%, but for sure it's ours 100%. I don't need any special requirement. No matter how old are you, who are you, and any kind of question that would make you think you are not really a someone who can work on a project. Anyone can join, if you need a team, we will get some others. If you work in personal way, all fine along you think you will be able to do it alone. This project is a big project for me, i'm not a game maker, i'm a writer. Beside this project i'm also working on other projects with other people on it background. Cause this project isn't only a game project, but also a novel, comic, animation, music etc. And now i'm trying to move the story's content into a game.

    Many benefits i hope we would get by it. Cause on here you who would work more, sure it's going to be you. So i will promise you, that you will get more than me. Again, am not telling you to make a game for me (where on here, i'm the guy and you work for me). But, i'm telling you to make a game, based on my story (you are the guy, i'm helping you on it, we do it together). So for you guys, who feel like keep making a game but never done it till the end, keep making a game but never get satisfied by the result, want to make a game but has no any idea, want to get or be on a big project but don't know how to, has some or less time but for sure there's time you don't how to spend it on, and know at least the basic of this RPG Maker or will always want to learn to be better on it, and anything. No matter what is that, along you will agree to work with me and will do it till the end. Join me.

    I can't tell you more about the game or how it would be, cause it will touch my story or other project's privacy. Now it's all just about "will you want it?". If you think you do, want it. We will talk about it and i will explain bout the game there. I really put a big hope on this game. I don't need 10 professionals on my project, just give me one that would put their soul in it. And we will make the dream comes true. Never ever think it's too far or too much to be real, most of people's dreams were also "too much not real" before it came true, and not the dream that made it true, but the person. All we can do is trying, all this things i wrote are also a dream now. Will we make it or no, it's future. No one will know about it, all we got is possibility. And we work our best on it.

    If you think you are interested, please reply. Or if you think you know someone that would want it, please ask them to reply or reply me where to meet them.

    Thank you so much for your attention.
  2. What is this story about and what elements do you want the game to protray in reflection of that story?
  3. This story is very complicated to explain briefly, but in short, let's say this story is life. All the important elements that a person will encounter or have in life will come across when reading this story. So does the game I want. A simple game with contents when being played can make a person more understanding about life. A simple game packed through a complicated plot, so when being played it feels relaxed but colorful.

    Since I don't really understand the stages of making the game then the form of the game will adjust to the ability of the game maker. The point is, how the game form or appearance. I can not explain. I leave it to the game maker's ability. Anyway, I do not need a game that is too complicated or wow in appearance. Because for me the power in this game comes from the plots and sequences of each plot, while the game maker only need to shape the appearance that can express or make the plot being more fun to be played. Since it's about life in short, and it's virtual. then let's call it a virtual life. Maybe a game like Harvest Moon can describe it closely. Simple in look, but got so many interesting plots and story inside it. Just sure, i don't really push the farming side on the game i want.

    Basically the story i'm writing right now talks about romance and fantasy. It's a couple stuff, but not all about love on it, but more about life that this two creatures have. So nothing really about battle or fight, you are just living and finding out plot by plot on the game to end it. Sounds basic, just like any other love story. But there i will work, how it gonna end, how it ends, that what will make people find the special thing inside this game. When i was young i found so many games where basically you are not really really playing the game, but more like you are watching a movie. So that's the game, cause it's actually based on a story. So in the game people will just try to find a plot, plot by plot, till it ends. But while finding it, i would want them to have the free will to explore the game more. Just like Harvest Moon.
  4. Ok so what I am understanding is that you want the elements of the game to reflect the agency of choice games provide with combat being less fighting but more conversations and relationship building
  5. That's right, less fighting and more on conversations and relationship building. I like the idea of battle stuff, but not gonna be the main thing in this game. That could be a mini game a player can find by triggering some characters in the game. Cause the main idea of the game is "life simulation or virtual life", so yeah fighting not gonna be the best thing u chose to live your life. Sorry for late reply, i'm being abit busy in real life right now.
  6. You're fine lol. But I'll see what I can do
  7. I saw your thread too before. You also got a project you wanted to do. So how bout your project? Already worked much on it? Or not yet?

    I meant, as you had found my thread and you also have your project. I would want you to consider my project first (if you haven't worked much on yours yet). I'm not saying my project is better. But i think, as i'm not only working on gaming project, but this thing also got a project on novel, comic, also music. So the project isn't gonna be on game only, but also there are many other places too where people can find it.

    I meant, easier way to promote and introduce the game. My project for me, got a better place in a way to promote/introduce it, and in a way of it's idea. We wouldn't stop in the middle of the project, we won't lose our idea, as the idea can be found on the story/novel i'm writing on. Beside, when you will help me in doing this project. As i said, i won't take it as mine only, also not yours only, but ours, both of us, no one got more, all got the same, we make it fair (Even i will be ok if you're gonna get more). So you don't have to feel like you are working on other people's project, and feeling like it's not actually your project. It's also your project.

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